Gadget Review : Reflector

Today’s gadget picked by Geeks in Cambodia is not litteraly a gadget, it is foremost a mobile app. But, considering the use of this app, we decided it clearly deserved to be highlighted in our gadget section !

So what is the « Reflector app » about ?

Firts, all you need to start is, a smartphone or tablet (compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini, or iPod touch), a laptop (Window or Mac), and a wireless connexion.

Then, the app will allow to reflect your whole smarphone’s content straight to your computer or to a projector.

To understand better how to project wirelessly your iPad / iPhone content, you can go through the next tutorial :

Your device will connect to the app thanks to a wireless Internet access, and its content can then be available from a laptop, and therefore you can also connect the computer to a projector, in order to make presentations for example.

This app can be used in the fields of business or education, but it can also serve entertainement purpose, such as mobile gaming for instance, as you can see in the following video :

This app can remind you of another gadget that we previously highlighted here, the Lightplay Mobile Media Projection, which one was a concrete projector. Here, this app allows you not only to wirelessly project content from your smartphone / tablet, but it also allows you display it on a computer, very useful feature when it comes to demonstrate mobile app functionality on a wider screen for example.

This app is available for the cost of around 12$, and is so far only compatible with IOS devices.