Gadget Review : Parrot Flower power

Flower power is a revolutionary gadget with which you will never forget to water your plants!

When the “Y tool” is planted in the ground or in a pot, it captures the sunlight, the air temperature, the fertilize level and the soil moisture. These datas are sent to the dedicated and free “Flower Power” app, and gives you real time analytics related to the your plant’s health.

parrot flower power

The app will also make short-term predictions on how to care care of the plant. Day by day, you’ll be able to monitor your plant’s activity, meaning you’ll know when you need to water it or add some fertilizer for example.

The app Library contents more than 7000 plants. For each, you’ll find specificities, origins, photos, basic requirements and practical tips. This database was built by scientists and will give accurate advice so that you finally become a genuine green-thumbed !

parrot flower power