Gadget Review: Pantelligent

Ever thought “I wish I were a Master Chef and could whip up delicious dishes…”? Well you better drop everything and take a look at Pantelligent – the intelligent pan! Technology is certainly making life easier for everyone, and this time it is for those whose cooking abilities are challenged or just….non-existent.

What can Pantelligent do for you? It can turn you into a lean, mean, cooking machine. This smart pan guides your every step with specially curated recipes on a mobile application. Never burn your food again, and experience the possibility of perfectly cooked dishes with Pantelligent.


The pan has sensors embedded in it that measure the temperature as you cook. All you have to do is sync your phone through Bluetooth with the pan’s handle, select a recipe from Pantelligent’s extensive list, and start cooking.

Instructions 1Pantelligent’s mobile app has more than 50 recipes for you to choose from.

Instructions 2

Pantelligent makes cooking a piece of cake. It can sense and predict when your food is ready and in the above, when you should flip your salmon. The application even displays the time to the next action.

Instructions 3

Need to leave your food to cook for awhile? Have a seat and relax. Pantelligent will notify you on your phone when your food is ready.

CollageSome of the wonderful dishes you can perfect with Pantelligent!

Pantelligent turns cooking from an art into a science. Get replicable results and consistent taste with the magic of temperature control. It also provides hands-free monitoring, which stays connected up to 15 metres away. Never again will you be stressed out while cooking, and you can now try out new recipes with zero anxiety of whether you will wreck it.

Download the application here to discover simple step-by-step guides for cooking.

Pantelligent was created by a team of four MIT engineers. The project is backed by Y Combinator as well as other angel investors and mentors.


Watch how Pantelligent works in the video below!

Visit Pantelligent’s Kickstarter page here.