Gadget Review: Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

Remember when you couldn’t stretch your hands high enough to take a perfect panoramic photograph? Now all your troubles are gone with Panono, the Panoramic Ball Camera!

Panono is a funny little ball of only eleven centimeters in height that contains 36 HD video cameras to take 360 degrees photographs. Taking a photograph is as easy as tossing the ball in the air and allowing Panono to capture that precious second for you. Truly, you will be having a ball with Panono through a new photography experience.

Photo Credits: Panono

Photo Credits: Panono

The idea originated from co-funder Jonas Pfeil’s love for trekking around the widespread sights of New Zealand and documenting his experience with panoramic photographs. He imagined a camera that could take instant panoramic photographs, and thus, Panono was born.

We believe that the final version of Panono should include an option to attach a stick or a rope to its body in order to ensure its physical safety. Imagine tossing it on a high mountain — only to lose your grab on it when it comes down with your photograph.

The Panono project is currently refining its product, but it is believed that it will hit the mass markets around September 2014 with a price of $599.

Click here to see some stunning examples of panoramic pictures taken with the Panono: