Gadget Review: Nixie Drone, Revolutionising The Selfie

Intel recently held a Make It Wearable competition to encourage more innovative wearables. Among the finalists, one has been gaining a ridiculous amount of attention. However, that is not surprising, considering the Nixie drone is a wearable, flying, selfie capturing drone. Of course, you should check out the other finalists as well. They are all in the running to win $500,000 in seed funding.

UPDATE (5/11): Intel’s Make It Wearable competition has ended, and the winner who takes home $500,000 is none other than Nixie Drone! A huge congratulations.

We all know that selfies have become a part of mankind, so much so that it in 2013 was named Oxford dictionary’s word of the year. Wearables are undoubtedly a huge future for technology, and drones are certainly on the rise. The Nixie drone combines them all to create a smart wristband looking piece of technology that helps you take pictures like never before.

Flying GIFPhoto Credit: Nixie

Armed with a built-in camera, it flies up from your wrist into the air and positions itself to take the picture. Either that, or it can also follow you on your journey (for example, if you are riding a bicycle). After capturing what you want, it will return to you in what is called the boomerang mode. Grab it and click it back on your wrist – voilà! Aerial photo/videography is certainly gaining new heights with the Nixie drone.

Watch how the Nixie drone can be used in various situations:

Of course, your selfie needs to go up on your social media platforms. The Nixie drone instantly syncs with your smartphone, and from there you can simply upload it. If you wish to use it as a typical drone, they are also developing an application for you to fly it manually.

The project is still a work in progress, and there are a myriad of concerns. One of these being the tendency of drones breaking down and crashing in the water. Christoph Kohstall, Creator of Nixie, clearly thought of this as well. The inventor with a PhD in experimental physics created a working prototype drone that could dive into the water and resurface.

It seems a promising project, but only time will tell if this makes it to the market!

Learn more about the team and Nixie drone below: