Gadget Review : i’m Watch, the Smartwatch

Today’s gadget is a kind of hybrid between a watch and a smartphone. As a watch, the device provides you with everything you would expect from a regular one. It displays time and date, and also features an alarm clock function.

But further than this, the device can also fulfill some requirements you’d have towards a smartphone. Indeed, you can receive incoming calls, and launch phone calls as well. You can receive text messages, but so far you can not send any, but the brand is currently working on a solution to allow users to also send text messages. More than basic telephone features, it also integrates smartphone ones, such as receiving emails (same thing, you can not send any yet), organizing features, and applications downloading from the “i’m watch market”. For instance, some applications allow to measure your heart rate during fitness, or to listen to your music playlists.

i'm watch

The item comes in various colors :
i'm watch

And also has a Gold Collection :

i'm watch

And a Tech “high standard” Collection :

tech collection

The price of this Smartwatch is, in our opinion, a little bit expensive (from around 390$ to around 930$), but if you’re really into fancy gadgets this one might probably provide more features soon as many developers currently work on offering more applications. And on top of that, the device comes with a cloud system close to the iCloud one : “i’m cloud”.

Here is a video presentation of the gadget :