Gadget Review: Get Better Sleep With Sense

If the average night’s sleep consists of eight hours (which makes it one third of a day), then the average human spends one-third of his or her life sleeping. If the person lives till 75 years old, this translates to about 25 years worth of sleep! With so much time invested in such an activity, it is no wonder everyone strives to find for the best sleeping solutions to ensure enough energy for the rest of the day. Introducing Sense, a minimalistic alternative that tracks sleeping behavior, monitors the environment of bedrooms, and reinvents the alarm.

Watch the gadget in action here:

Sense is the attractive result of simplicity and functionality. It combines the insight of the user’s sleep patterns with the data of the environment in the bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air. All of these data are then used to wake the user up in the morning at the right point in their sleep cycle to avoid the adverse groggy feeling. Quite simply, Sense wants the users to look beyond how they are sleeping to why they are sleeping in the first place. Giving you quality without any apparent intrusion, this could be the answer to sleeping problems.

It functions in three parts: the Sense device, the Sleep Pill, and the mobile application to bring it all together. Sense monitors the conditions and/or disturbances throughout the night coupled with the Sleep Pill, a small but incredibly sensitive sleep-tracking sensor that clips invisibly to the pillow. The mobile app then tells the user the next day all the necessary data (sleep quality, or “Sleep Score”), and also allows the correlation of interruptions that happened during the sleep due to external conditions and disturbances. As an additional feature, Sense contains a speaker for users who want to increase the ambiance with mood music, such as calming rainstorms, and this also allows the Smart Alarm to be broadcasted at the right time.

Photo Credits: Sense

Photo Credits: Sense

Hello, the team behind the quiet gadget, designed it to fade away and work in the background, letting users “just sleep”. They explained that technology has enriched our lives in many ways and yet, it is one of the biggest causes for bad sleeping habits. They aim to power Sense with the technology that can allow users to take back their sleep without any complications. In that spirit, the Sleep Pill works by picking up the tiniest of movements throughout the night and sending everything wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT to Sense seamlessly in the background. The Sleep Pill has enough fuel to last for a whole year without any chargers, and it is completely waterproof, even “next to indestructible”.

Sense is currently available in two colours, cotton and charcoal, and it is available for preorders starting from $129. The product is expected to launch sometime in late November this year if everything goes according to the team’s timeline. Check out their Kickstarter page for more information!