Gadget Review: Defender Is Here To Protect You

Combining a camera, pepper spray, alert trigger, and monitoring system all into one self-defense tool, Defender is the first smart personal protection system that takes prevention to the next level. Not only does it act as a nifty gadget to properly protect you against surprises (and/or shocks), it also comes with a 24/7 monitoring service integrated into the device for maximum safety coverage.

Photo Credits: Defender

Photo Credits: Defender

How does it work? Get ready: it leverages on the communication technology of a smartphone coupled with a digital camera to capture and forward an attackers picture to law enforcement, flashing light and audible alarm to attract attention, plus the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement. As every device comes with one year of service for 24/7 responses for safety and medical alerts, there will also be a personal team working to make sure that you are staying safe. The gadget will be adapted to work with both iOS and Android platforms through Bluetooth connection.

Check out the gadget in action here:

Defender is the two-year brainchild of ContentVia, and the team hopes to change the way distress aid is carried out. By instantaneously stunning the attacker, recording evidence and getting the right attention to the situation, this will ensure a well-developed protection plan. The GPS location feature is also especially helpful for incidents taking place in foreign places (or countries), and the alerts (text or email messages) are programmed to connect directly with a central station monitoring service to notify the medical authorities, and five other contacts that can be customized for friends and family.

Defender is currently on Indiegogo, going for $159 for early adopters. Each Defender will include 12 months of “EVERYWHERE SECURITY” monitoring service, and the mobile app (both iOS and Android at launch). You can join the cause or find out more information over at their Indiegogo page here, website here, and Facebook page here!