Gadget Review: Apple Watch – everything you need on your wrist

After a long, gruelling wait, it is finally here. Apple has done it again and this time with the extraordinary new Apple Watch. Taking things to a whole new level, this amazing piece of technology is not only accessible and relevant but also wearable.

Apple is known for their constant sleek and elegant designs across their various products. This time was no different, they managed to design a stylish yet personal watch unlike any other. Let’s lay out the design specifications, the watch comes with two case sizes, the smaller one (38mm in height) and the larger one (42mm in height) perfect for the female and male wrist respectively.

Photo Credits: Apple

Photo Credits: Apple

Not only is the watch face customisable but so is the watch belt, you can choose to match various visualisations of time with different belts ranging from several materials. You can almost customise every single detail on the watch’s face, from the colours to the functionality, you’d be able to create your perfect watch.

The Apple Watch does much more than tell the time, it lets you keep track of your schedule, get weather updates, keeps you fit and active and also lets you communicate with others like never before. Well, for short, the possibilities are endless.

The Activity App provides you with everything you need to know about your daily activities and motivates you to move more to complete certain goals. The Workout App is built for users who are dedicated to a good cardio workout, it allows you to set personal goals and encourages you to meet or beat them. You can also track your daily progress recorded on your Apple Watch, with your iPhone.

On top of the usual call, message and mail functions you see on the iPhone, with the Apple Watch you can communicate like never before. The Digital Touch feature helps you connect with other Apple watch users. It allows you to sketch, works as a walkie-talkie and also lets you share your emotions with a simple tap on the screen.

Photo Credits: Apple

Finally the Digital Crown feature, it lets you zoom and scroll to the precise point you want to see, it also doubles as a home button when pressed. The screen recognises not only when tapped but also when pressed and is able to differentiate either movement. The screen is just the right size and gives you everything you need to know in one glance.

Unfortunately the watch was made without left handers in mind, the Digital Crown feature would be inconvenient for lefties to access with it placed on the right side of the watch. Also, this smart watch is dependent on battery, which means it would have to be added to your collection of gadgets to be recharged nightly, which ultimately can cost you much more in the long run.

This incredibly intelligent timepiece is not only extremely functional but also a fashion statement you want on your wrist. The Apple Watch is said to be released in early 2015 so keep watch (literally) for it.