From Startup Weekend Cambodia to GSB : Peeler

Peeler project made it to the top 2 at Startup Weekend Cambodia 2013. This monitoring tool allows people to track what people say about brands or companies “in real time, in one place”.

The Challenge :

“Spending hours in front of our screen trying to retrieve all conversations related to a brand sort of drive us crazy sometimes” said one of the team members, explaining how they decided to present this idea at the Startup Weekend. On top of that, the team reminded that in their opinion :

- There is an increasing number of people talking brands online : according to a online survey made by Social apps HQ, “more than 55% people online are discussing various facts about brands and their services. Social networking websites have done a major task in this respect”. With the advent of social media, this number is very likely to increase even more in the upcoming years.

- Search engines (so far) do not allow to filter results in an accurate way, in order to track conversations, results appear based on the ranking, but there is no way to filter by source (facebook, twitter…), and furthermore, public data such as tweets, public Facebook updates or pins, are not displayed in the results.

- Checking online conversations can be done through several dashboards and tools, but it would take forever to track, select, gather and combine together all informations from social networks one by one, Google results, blogs and so on…

As a result, it’s definitely not easy to retrieve what people are saying right now about brands, products, services… And if you work in marketing or communications field, and are expected to provide e-reputation reports to your clients, you may know how tough and time-consuming this may be.

The Solution : Peeler !

Peeler’s idea is to make monitoring more simple, faster and easier, by providing a digital dashboard where users can access all conversations “in one place and in real time “, and can choose the most relevant data for them, that they would be able to extract and combine in smart reports.


The Market

The current market relies on several kinds of services related to monitoring and tracking online information. Peeler wants to make a difference thanks to the following points :

- Offering a super friendly user experience (easy, simple and fast to use)

- Providing a free version with no time restriction, and a premium version with additional features (filters to refine search, possibility to select, extract and combine datas in exportable reports).

- Featuring a reasonable price, as the tool mostly targets marketing and communications agencies and departments.

The Competition !

3 Startups from Startup Weekend Cambodia are currently competing for Global Startup Battle 2013 (GSB), a global competition gathering Startup Weekend’s champions from over 200 cities, and Peeler is one of them.

People can be vote until December 6th, and Startups with the highest number of votes will access the finale where only the 15 first Startups will compete for the first place.

How to vote on Global Startup Battle?

1.      Find the Startup you want to support  (here is Peeler’s link):

You directly access to GSB’ Peeler page that includes the official video and description of the project.

2.      Click on the +1

You will have to enter your city and your email. (Why? Only as antispam to make sure that you are not a robot).

3.      Check your inbox

You normally have received a message from GSB. Access the vote via this link.

Geeks in Cambodia is proud to support all teams from Startup Weekend Cambodia and really hope a Cambodian team will make it to the top this year !!!

Stay tuned to learn more about the other Startups who are making their way further than Startup Weekend Cambodia.