Founders: Get Your Voice Heard to Improve Cambodia’s Startup Scene

If you’re a founding team member of a tech startup in Cambodia, here’s your chance to share your insight and be the push that ensures the best policies for Cambodian startups!

Don’t miss your opportunity to share your insight to advance our country’s tech sector. By completing this survey you can be the changemaker that ensures we see the best policy and support for Cambodian start-ups. Your experience, insights, and suggestions will be invaluable for this report. The survey link closes on Monday and can be found HERE.

The research intends to develop a snapshot of the current situation, key challenges and resources, and explore areas to improve the ecosystem in the context of the ASEAN region. Findings from this research will be published in a report publicly but all interview sources will remain anonymous.

Raintree Cambodia is collaborating with Mekong Strategic Partners to conduct research on the outlook of the Cambodian startup ecosystem and digital economy; on behalf of The National Institute of Post, Telecommunication, Information and Communication Technology (NIPTICT) and Smart Axiata.