The 10 teams taking part in the inaugural Toyota Impact Challenge recently finished an intensive 2-day training session, their first step as prepare for final pitching on August 2 and the chance to pitch their solutions for making Cambodia a safer and more transport-friendly country.

Teams at Impact Hub Phnom Penh were taught how to pitch ideas in a clear and succinct manner in order to attain vital feedback from clients and potential customers, with a hands-on session further helping to practice pitching skills.

Melanie Mossard, Director of Community at Impact Hub, said the 10 teams showed clear progress. For her, the sign that teams showed the determination to come to the bootcamp and try their best was an important factor in their continuation in the challenge.

“It’s the teams that show real determination through this process that we look for – because those who aren’t afraid to show up are the ones who we see showing signs of success.”

Groups had the opportunity to meet mentors from the tech, marketing and finance industry during a “speed networking morning” that gave them further insights on their business plans.

The two-day intensive bootcamp was definitely a steep learning curve for many of the teams, and so will the following 6-week incubation at Impact Hub.

Geeks in Cambodia would like to wish the 10 teams the very best as they continue to shape and refine their business models and ideas to improve the country’s transport.