Geeks in Cambodia Geeks in Cambodia Wed, 26 Jul 2017 09:56:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 SokhaKrom – The Cambodian App That Aims To Make Healthcare Accessible to All Wed, 26 Jul 2017 09:56:11 +0000 Pierre Gimat As the saying goes, “health is the greatest wealth”. Good healthcare is essential to everyone, and tech has proven to be able to help make it more accessible.

The latest SokhaKrom mobile app is one such example. The SokhaKrom app was recently awarded “Best Start-up Company” at the Cambodia ICT Awards.

Developed by Codingate, a mobile app development company, SokhaKrom is an all-in-one participatory healthcare platform that includes a mobile application, website, Facebook page and even a Patient Relationship Management system.

In this recently launched mobile app, a number of essential features are available.

For one, it is a central data that contains a vast amount of information on various aspects of the medical sector, including medical plantations, medicines, medical professionals, healthcare tips and more. This is in line with their aim to promote informed healthcare by providing trustable healthcare information and sharing healthcare tips to users.

Going into specifics, the SokhaKrom data pool consists of:

- Medical Professional’s profiles including doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, and other experts in the field.
- Listing of Medical Providers in Cambodia such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc.
- Information on legal medicines available in local pharmacies
- Information on medical plantations that produces medical ingredients
- General knowledge on things related to healthcare, medical professionals and providers
- Health tips and other useful information related to taking care of your health

In addition to providing the public with more information on healthcare to improve confidence in the healthcare sector, SokhaKrom also provides other features such as a map that allows you to find nearby healthcare services, providers or pharmacies. It also updates you when there is new healthcare information, and a search function for you to seek for reliable doctors and other experts according to your needs, or even information on useful herbs that can be pharmaceutical ingredients.

For Geeks in Cambodia, the most interesting function would be the fact that you can communicate directly to different healthcare services and providers within the app, which we feel makes it have the potential to become a one-stop, convenient app for healthcare.

Furthermore, medical graduates can also use this app to seek job opportunities. As for the ‘Relationship Management System’ we mentioned earlier, a separate platform under SokhaKrom has been created especially for medical providers to manage their patients’ medical history and appointments.

Interested on trying this app for yourself? You can find it on the App Store or Google Play Store, or visit their Facebook page for more information.

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Funding for Cambodian social entrepreneurs with D-Prize Mon, 24 Jul 2017 07:21:34 +0000 Pierre Gimat The D-Prize fund rewards entrepreneurs that increase access to proven poverty interventions. The deal is simple, there are many ways of reducing poverty, but a vast majority of them are not mass-scaled. As such, D-Prize will award the best ideas to mass-scale these solutions with $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty exists.

Any aspiring entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world regardless of their age or background can apply. For existing organizations, D-Prize will consider funding only if the company is piloting a new distribution-focused initiative and require high risk capital.

To apply, entrepreneurs must choose between the different challenges proposed by D-Prize. The challenges are as follows:

Girls Education – One challenge
- Reduce unintended teen pregnancies and HIV infections.

Agriculture – Three challenges
- Distribute improved seeds to farmers.
- Teach smallholder farmers how to use microdosing fertilizer to enhance crop yields.
- Any way to increase distribution of proven agriculture interventions to smallholder farmers.

Energy – Two challenges
- Sell solar lamps to replace kerosene lanterns.
- Sell cooking stoves and maintain long-term adoption rates to the 3 billion people using traditional stoves.

Global health – Two challenges
- Create a way to identify patients with obstetric fistula, cervical cancer, club foot, & cataracts and connect them to early treatment solutions.
- Develop an organization to train birth attendants to administer Misoprostol, a $3 drug that could prevent 100,000 maternal deaths from postpartum hemorrhaging.

Education – Two challenges
- Implement an effective curriculum to teach students in a resource-limited classroom.
- Launch an organization that develops students and their school performance, and makes the information publicly available to counter the high illiteracy rate.

Governance and infrastructure – One challenge
- Improve transparency and report data on the public service performance with public reporting and scorecards.

Custom – One challenge
- Choose an already proven poverty solution that is in need of distribution to more people in the developing world.

To know more about each category and each challenges, please visit the D-Prize website. Most of the challenges are located in sub-saharan Africa but D-Prize states that they will award the best ideas to mass-scale existing solutions with $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty exists.

The D-Prize process is divided into three rounds:
Round 1: Submit your resume and concept note. The early deadline is July 30, 2017 at midnight PT (July 31 at 2PM, Phnom Penh time). The regular deadline is August 20, 2017 at midnight PT (August 21 at 2PM, Phnom Penh time). The extended deadline is September 10, 2017 midnight PT (September 11 at 2PM, Phnom Penh time).
Round 2: Top 5% of entrepreneurs are invited to submit a full 10 page proposal. The selected entrepreneurs will have four weeks to submit this proposal.
Round 3: The jury will select a batch of to entrepreneurs and interview them by email or phone.

In December 2017, once the three rounds are finished, the jury will award the entrepreneurs with different fundings going up to $20,000. Following this funding, awardees will be able to launch their venture and help millions of people in need!

To get more information and apply, please visit D-Prize website.

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Funding for Cambodian entrepreneurs with Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award Fri, 21 Jul 2017 08:33:02 +0000 Pierre Gimat The Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award is back for its 5th edition. Launched in 2013 by Takeda, one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia, this challenge rewards young entrepreneurs who challenge technological or social needs.

Anyone who is under 40 as of April 1st can apply, regardless of gender, affiliation, and nationality. Essentially, the basic requirement for is: “Any field that can improve the wellbeing of people.”.

The application is composed of two documents, one describing your project and the other showcasing what potential beneficiaries think of your idea. The description of your project will be a simple document divided into three sections:
- Background, what are the technological or social needs you have identified?
- Solutions, what is your solution to the need identified?
- Attempt, how deeply are you involved in resolving this need?

The second document called “Supporting Report” consists of a review of your project by one potential beneficiary. For example, if you develop a product to enhance agriculture productivity, your supporting report would consist of reviews of your project by farmers. This document must not exceed 300 words.

Once the application phase is completed, Takeda will review all applications and select some for individual presentations that will be held in October. The final selection will be announced in November. Takeda will select one Best Entrepreneur and five other Entrepreneurs. The Best Entrepreneur will receive a diploma, plaque and monetary prize of 1,000,000 Japanese yen which is equal to $8,926. The five other Entrepreneurs awarded will receive a diploma, plaque and a monetary prize of 200,000 Japanese yen which is equal to $1. The award ceremony will be held in February 2018. The awardees will also get the chance to attend a workshop with experts to develop their projects.

Applications are opened until July 31, you can find more information here. If what you read has already got you pumped and ready to be a part of it, then please follow this link to register!

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EdTech Asia Summit 2017: Featuring Cambodian Tech Players as Guest Speakers! Wed, 19 Jul 2017 13:31:31 +0000 Cheyenne Chia It is undeniable the importance of education for all, and with the digital age that has entered our region, educational technology (EdTech) has been on a steady rise across countries with a common goal – to develop, disrupt and improve education.

And what better to keep up with all the trends, developments and insights than with an entire summit dedicated to EdTech in Asia?

An annual affair, EdTech Asia Summit 2017 is back and will be held from July 29-30 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Originally a community networking and knowledge sharing group in Bangkok, Thailand in 2012 for the locals, the regional expansion of this summit in 2015 has been an asset to the region in terms of EdTech development.

As per previous years, this year’s edition will be two days of engaging talks and workshops by key EdTech entrepreneurs, investors, and education innovation changemakers from across Asia with cutting-edge discussions revolving around the topic of ‘The future of Education’.

The aim of this year’s 2-day event is to demystify the role of EdTech in Asia’s complex, rapidly evolving, and high demand education spheres through a local and regional approach. With participants hailing from a myriad of countries, the goal of this approach is to highlight trends and opportunities in the Asian EdTech entrepreneurial journey and innovation ecosystem. Additionally, the summit will also explore the shifting dynamics and critical needs within the education sector.

To achieve this goal, EdTech Asia Summit 2017 will consist of multiple plenary sessions and breakout sessions with topics such as:

-       Building a Differentiated Education Company

-       Tech, Education and Reduction of Inequality in Asia

-       Global Perspectives on Education and EdTech in Emerging Markets

-       Is EdTech Humanizing or Mechanizing Education?

-       Emerging Tech: AI and Automation in Education and the Workplace

Excitingly, Cambodian tech players have also been invited down to this summit to lead their own talks on EdTech’s impact on creating transformational change in our country’s education.

Zoe Ng, the co-founder of Raintree in Cambodia, will be leading a fireside chat on Global Education Markets with the head of the IFC education unit. Nadia Wong, founder of TRYBE, a co-working and makerspace in Phnom Penh will be involved in a session on Asia’s Emerging Economies: Opportunities for Growth and Impact. Leap Sok, founder of System Experts Asia, will be talking in the session on Understanding ASEAN’s Education Markets – Strategies for Entry.

Aside from talks, EdTech Asia Summit 2017 will also include an evening networking function, VIP luncheon, awards, workshops. But that’s not all – post-event, there will be an EdTech startup Growth Hacking Bootcamp that will provide a hands-on opportunity and accelerator for early stage EdTech and HR tech companies to develop and optimize their own sustainable “Growth Engine”. There would also be a Vietnam Ecosystem Startup Tour where you will be brought to visit several key EdTech companies and co-working spaces in Ho Chi Minh City.

An event that will bring together influential players that make up the evolving edtech ecosystem in the Asian region, this is the event to be if you would like to immerse yourself in 2 full days of EdTech and the opportunites to presents for the region.

For more information and ticketing, please visit: For sticking by to the end of the article, we have a special treat for you! Use our code GEEKS2017 to receive an exclusive 20% discount off your tickets.

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Geeks on a Beach: Tech Summit with a Beautiful Philippine Beach Scenery Tue, 18 Jul 2017 12:19:44 +0000 Cheyenne Chia Say hello to sandy beaches, cooling sea breeze, crashing waves and lots of tech this August at the annual Geeks on a Beach (GOAB)!

An international conference that brings together individuals passionate about startups, tech and design, GOAB will feature a series of discussions, a startup pitching competition, networking and even consultations.

All to happen on the beautiful beaches of Palawan, Philippines, expert speakers from a myriad of fields and nationalities will lead panel discussions on the latest trends and topics in investments, tech, startup and design industries. Some of these speakers include Ben Kim, Co-Founder and Principal of Apical Design (UX and Product Design Studio) in the USA, Carlo Calimon, the co-founder of Startup Village, an incubator service in the Philippines, and Norlin Robles Sunga, founder of NRS Business Solutions in Malaysia.

Additionally, Yobie Benjamin from the USA has also been invited down to be a speaker for this event. Aside from being the founder of and the Technology Pioneer of the 2015 World Economic Forum, he is also a former political prisoner during the Marcos dictatorship days that raised $40 million for Avegant, a company that makes virtual reality video headset and Skully, an intelligent motorcycle helmet that helps you see what is happening at the back, receive and make calls, and communicate with nearby vehicles.

Aside from keynote conferences and panels, breakout sessions are also available to allow you to glean a better understanding of latest technologies and trends in the industry, especially when workshops and talks will be led by experienced domain experts.

“Palawan boasts of global environmental wonders like the underground river, the Tubbataha reef and world class beaches. As such, GOAB will tackle the theme of “Environment and Technology”, and it will also have tracks on “Startups in the Region”, “Creatives for the Future”, and “Tech for Challenging the World,” expressed David Overton, CEO of and Chief GOAB Geek.

As David mentioned, with this year’s GOAB looking to explore what Asian creative players are developing to address challenges such as the environment, education, health and human welfare, you can expect speakers to touch on topics such as community infrastructure, viral advocacy videos and branding for startups.

In addition, startups can also look forward to sessions discussing growth strategies, funding, and the region’s ecosystem to get to know the ins and outs of our modern world of entrepreneurship.

And in an event where geeks congregate on a beach, of course the topic of tech would not be left out. In fact, GOAB has an entire lineup prepared with talks on all the nifty and impactful developments in social media, mobile, virtual reality and drones, along with trends in UI/UX, software development and more!

Every part of this 2-day event is jam-packed with startup and tech goodness, where even the lunch hours are not spared. Aptly dubbed ‘Lunch with a Speaker’, volunteer speakers will sit down during lunch for a more personal networking session with facilitated interactions.

Additionally, for outsourcing companies, there would also be a business matching for you to meet potential mentors, startups, employees, clients… the list goes on! Exhibition booths will also be set up to showcase the products and services of startups and organisations.

But one of the main highlights of GOAB is the International Startup Pitching Competition that is open to all early stage tech startups that have revenue and traction. In this competition, startups would pitch their product to a wide scope of potential investors, founders and industry leaders. For more information and application to this competition, please visit: – section-featacts.

Remember how we mentioned that this event is jam-packed? Even as the sun sinks below the shores, and our stomach rumbles for dinner, investors can look forward to an exclusive Investor Roundtable Dinner where you can learn about investing in tech startups in SEA.

As for non-investors, put your party hats on at the Geek Party. With music and drinks, have laidback geek conversations that could spark new ideas and action plans, as well as create meaningful connections for your future endeavors.

GOAB, happening on 24th – 25th August, has always delivered tech summits that are both engaging, yet laidback at the same time. If sunshine and tech seems like a perfect blend that is right up your alley, make sure to book your tickets now!

For more information on the event, registration, accommodation, and more please visit:

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