Geeks in Cambodia Geeks in Cambodia Mon, 04 Jan 2021 04:54:20 +0000 en-US hourly 1 CAMBODIAN GOVERNMENT, UNDP AND EIF OFFER $500K TO HELP KHMER BUSINESSES MOVE ONLINE Mon, 04 Jan 2021 04:48:56 +0000 GeeksInCambodia Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce has joined forces with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the WTO’s Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) to offer a $500,000 investment to help local businesses go online.

The $500,000 investment has been earmarked by the Cambodian government, the World Trade Organisation’s Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) and the UNDP to help 125 small and medium sized businesses to move online, sell online, and to sell overseas. Sales will be conducted through a new online marketplace [B2B2C] being developed by the Ministry of Commerce.

The funds will be used to pay for grants as well as training programs. A portion of the funds will be set aside for businesses owned by women as well as businesses based outside of Phnom Penh.

The latest funding initiative is expected to form a key component of the Cambodia government’s e-commerce acceleration project (Go4eCam) which aims to boost domestic and international opportunities for small and medium enterprises through a digital platform.

Speaking at the launch of the government’s E-commerce Strategy, Pan Sorasak, Minister of Commerce, said: “The Go4eCAM project is launching at the right time, coinciding with the approval of the e-commerce law and the launch of the E-commerce Strategy. The project will provide many other benefits, including increasing productivity, innovation, business expansion and job creation in Cambodia.”

UNDP resident representative Nick Beresford said: “Cambodia’s new e-commerce strategy, combined with the right incentives and investments, could be a game-changer to propel inclusive growth in the recovery from Covid-19.

“Inclusive investment in people, in skills development and in digital infrastructure for everyone [is] absolutely crucial.”

According to the Cambodian government, Cambodia’s e-commerce sector has grown exponentially in the past decade. The government sees E-commerce and digitisation as crucial to ensure a full, rapid and sustained economic recovery for the country.

The government passed the landmark 2019 E-commerce Law, a set of sub-decrees to ease registration for e-commerce-based businesses, the Consumer Protection Law to protect the rights of online shoppers and businesses and the recently launched E-commerce Strategy.

Australian ambassador Pablo Kang said: “Cambodia’s e-commerce sector is rapidly moving forward, driven further by businesses moving online to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

“As an EIF contributor and through our projects that support e-commerce regulatory acceleration and uptake, Australia is helping equip Cambodians with the necessary tools and kills to compete in this new economy, ensuring that Cambodia’s digital future will be inclusive.”

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NEW 3D MUSEUM EXPECTED TO ALLOW VISITORS TO EXPERIENCE ANGKOR WHILE HELPING TO PRESERVE HERITAGE Tue, 22 Dec 2020 10:48:51 +0000 GeeksInCambodia Have you ever wondered what it was like to live during the heyday of the Khmer empire? Have you wondered what it was like to be surrounded by all the splendours of ancient Angkorian temples? If so, this time next year you will have a chance to find out as the finishing touches are being put on a museum dedicated to the preservation and understanding of the Khmer Heritage.

The museum, which is a collaboration between tech-specialised Phnom Penh-based incubator Confluences and ‘digitisation for preservation’ specialist Iconem, will open next year in the home of Cambodia’s iconic Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. The opening date is slated for December 2021.

According to the museum’s creators, the museum will be the first permanent virtual museum that allows visitors to totally immerse themselves in Khmer culture by projecting 3D images and videos of the Angkor temples of the past onto the museum walls. The special effect will afford viewers a complete 360 degrees experience.

“The Immersive Angkor project is based on a unique partnership between two startups. Iconem brings its cutting-edge techniques in the 3D documentation of archaeological sites while Confluences brings its perfect knowledge of Cambodia’s institutions and culture. This is what allows us to offer an experience that fits all audiences and everyone involved in the promotion of this exceptional site.” Etienne Tellier, CEO, Iconem.

In addition to helping visitors to understand Khmer culture, the museum’s creators are hoping that the new addition to Cambodia’s tourism sector will help position Siem Reap as a high-end tourism destination. Confluences and Iconem are also hoping that the new concept will generate increased interest and help tackle ‘the slowing growth in tourist arrivals in the region, which started even before the Covid-19’ outbreak.

“We have worked on many projects in tourism, and even before Covid-19, it was clear that the country needed to revamp its tourism strategy. A project like Immersive Angkor can contribute greatly to this because it is innovative and spectacular. I am absolutely positive this museum will be a huge success, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the entire ecosystem.” says Lily Hé, COO at Confluences.

In addition to boosting Cambodia’s tourism industry, museum’s creators are also hoping the 3D digitization of the sites will help preserve the ancient temples from further erosion.

The new museum will open in December 2121.

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CAMBODIA TO JOIN WORLD FINTECH FESTIVAL Mon, 07 Dec 2020 01:57:39 +0000 Veronika Janouchova Top leaders in finance and technology from over 40 countries, including Cambodia, will be gathering ‘virtually’ next week to discuss the evolution of financial services and technology in a world being reshaped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The World Fintech Festival 2020 is the post-Covid 19 version of the Singapore Fintech Festival, the world’s leading physical event of its kind which last year drew 60,000 participants from 140 countries to Singapore, including heads of state, policymakers, and financial and technology leaders.

The festival, organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore, will feature a unique hybrid format that combines a 24-hour online event platform with more than 40 global satellite events around the world. Organisers hope this new hybrid model will provide participants with greater access to the global FinTech community.

The National Bank of Cambodia, the Association of Banks in Cambodia and the Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology (CAFT) are hosting the Cambodian satellite event from 7 to 11 December which will feature international and local speakers and panel discussions on subjects ranging from the rise of digital currencies, the impact of 5G in accelerating fintech development and how fintech can support industries most harshly impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic.

“Bringing together international and local experts in this festival is a great chance for us to share experiences and ideas about how technology can improve the way we earn, save and spend our money,” said Tomas Pokorny, Secretary General of CAFT.

“One speaker I am especially interested to hear from is the Chief of Special Projects at Safaricom in Kenya, whose mobile payment service M-Pesa has become an icon in the business around the developing world,” he said.

Local speakers, panellists and event sponsors include Prudential, Cellcard, True Money, Wing, AMK, CBC, Acleda, Kooming Bank, Ezecom, ABA Bank, PPCB, JTrust, KE, E-Money, Sabay and QED.

More information about the festival can be found at

The Cambodia events will be available to all as a Facebook Live on

Registration for the global festival, for which there is an admission fee, can be found here

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PlasGate selected to represent Cambodia in regional finals of Seedstars World Competition Fri, 04 Dec 2020 11:02:48 +0000 Alejandro Berger Cambodian tech startup, PlasGate, has been selected as one of the participants. PlasGate is an enterprise communications solution ... More]]> The local winners of the SeedStars World Competition (SSW) 2020 have been announced. From over 5,000 applicants, 94 (15 from Asia) tech startups from emerging markets were selected to advance to the regional stage of the competition.

Cambodian tech startup, PlasGate, has been selected as one of the participants. PlasGate is an enterprise communications solution company and currently Cambodia’s largest SMS gateway authorized by Smart, Cellcard, Metfone, SeaTel, qb and CooTel.

PlasGate’s Vision and Mission is to enable a legitimate direct connection and a single access point by providing innovative, reliable, affordable enterprise communications services with local touch and support.

The start-up is set to move to the next round of the competition where it has the chance to represent Cambodia in the regionals  and possibly Asia at the Global Finals for a chance to win.

The start-up will now represent Cambodia in the regional finals. In Case PlasGate wins, the enterprise would then represent Asia in Global finals, where it would compete for $500,000 in equity funding, which they would use to develop technology and resources to expand their service to a global scale.

The regional stage of the competition will include a 1 month long Investment Readiness Program, a modernized and personalized program helping startups get investment ready. It will consist of action-driven webinars on key business metrics, online office hours, where startups can discuss challenges they are facing; domain groups and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, investor meetings for potential funding opportunities, and peer-to-peer learning and networking sessions.

There will be online episodes available for the regional stage of the competition which will be aired at the end of January 2021. Viewers will get to see each local winner pitch in front of the juries and learn more about each of the teams’ startup stories. At the end of each episode, the regional winners moving on to the Global Finale in March 2021 will be announced.

SeedStars, a Swiss-based private company with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets, annually holds the SeedStars World Competition to continuously scout for the most promising startups around the Asia, Africa, CEE, MENA, and LATAM regions.

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“Business Chats with Facebook” introduce Facebook Shops: Helping Small Businesses sell online Fri, 04 Dec 2020 05:06:49 +0000 Veronika Janouchova To support small businesses in Cambodia and help entrepreneurs achieve online success, Facebook has launched a Khmer-language education ... More]]> Small and medium-sized businesses in Cambodia are working hard to adapt to the economic challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic with many looking to the rapid digitization of the local economy as an opportunity for success.

To support small businesses in Cambodia and help entrepreneurs achieve online success, Facebook has launched a Khmer-language education series “Business Chats with Facebook” which features experts in digital marketing, social and conversational commerce talking about Facebook’s newest products and features.

In the latest episode, broadcast live on Geeks in Cambodia Facebook page on Thursday, December 03, two social media experts discussed Facebook Shops, a new feature to support businesses in adapting to consumer trends and accelerating their shift to online shopping by creating a space where people can discover and buy things they love.

Facebook Shops, which was recently launched in Cambodia, allows Cambodian businesses to create an online store directly on Facebook, choose which items they want to feature, create collections, customize them, and tell the story of their brand. Entrepreneurs can also connect with customers via Facebook Messenger to answer questions or offer support.

People can find Facebook Shops on a business Facebook Page, or discover them through stories or ads. From there, they can browse the full collection, save products they’re interested in and place an order.

“Many small and medium businesses are moving online after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It becomes even more important for them to ensure that their digital marketing strategy for online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is effective,” said Sopanha Hem, Httpool Facebook expert and a Country Head of Httpool Cambodia.

“I believe that Facebook Shops could be a way forward for SMEs in Cambodia since they offer hassle-free effort in setting one up. As a small or start up business, the first several months are crucial for a business to survive and thrive. Using Facebook Shops can help them set up their digital store in a few simple steps and will come with a powerful Commerce Insight tool for them to control their business activities,” added Sopanha.

In the next episode, social media experts and Facebook representatives will chat and answer questions about more aspects of doing business on Facebook.

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