Geeks in Cambodia Geeks in Cambodia Sun, 18 Aug 2019 08:12:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Meal Temple partners up with Drukfood, expands to Bhutan Fri, 16 Aug 2019 10:19:43 +0000 Veronika Janouchova Meal Temple will deploy its tech and operations through a new ... More]]> Phnom Penh (15 August) – Meal Temple Group, a Cambodia based food delivery company, is now expanding to the Kingdom of Bhutan. The company is partnering up and investing in DrukRide, a new startup offering bus ticket booking service to local and international travelers.

Meal Temple will deploy its tech and operations through a new service that will become the first food delivery platform in the country, available via website and mobile app. More than eighty restaurants are now working with the local team, offering delivery services to customers across Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu.

Founder of DrukRide, Jigme Thinley Yoezer Rinzin, said: We are happy and excited to work jointly with Meal Temple Group to explore new opportunities in Bhutan. Thanks to our local knowledge and their industry experience, acquired through other similar frontier markets in Asia, we will be able to address hundreds of daily orders within the next few weeks.”

Such platform is new to Bhutan’s market, where local customers are now looking for more online and delivery services. The company will also offer a range of new services that are currently being tested in other countries, with the aim of becoming a regional super app.

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Accelerate2030 Cambodia Final Pitch: Who Will Make It To The Global Scaling Programme? Fri, 09 Aug 2019 02:51:10 +0000 Chloe Ang Three best teams will get a chance to continue and join an international nomination round, where they will compete against ventures from 18 other countries, all aspiring to enter the Accelerate2030 ... More]]> On August 22, seven Cambodia-based ventures participating in Accelerate2030 will have their final pitch at the BRED Bank Cambodia auditorium, from 5:30pm – 9:00pm.

Three best teams will get a chance to continue and join an international nomination round, where they will compete against ventures from 18 other countries, all aspiring to enter the Accelerate2030 Global Scaling Program.

This year, the seven teams that will pitch in front of a panel of business, investment and SDGs experts are Centre for Sustainable Water, My Dream Home, Dine in the Dark, MoanSrae, Peth Yoeung, SmartAgro and TapEffect.

“We are so honored to be working with these seven teams doing a wide variety of important and impactful work across Cambodia, from generating employment opportunities for people with visual impairments, to revolutionizing hospital database management. This pitch is their chance to showcase what they’ve achieved, as well as their exciting scaling plans for even greater impact. It is also an opportunity for them to be selected to compete with international businesses to represent Cambodia in Geneva and make strategic international connections,” said Abigail Perriman, Accelerate2030 Coordinator for Cambodia.

The four-month programme by Impact Hub Phnom Penh and the United Nations Development Programme saw the collaboration between Impact Hub Phnom Penh and entrepreneurs with creative and scalable solutions that tackle the Sustainable Development Goals. The selected ventures received expertise and support to shape their scaling strategy, with tailored one-on-one mentoring and peer-to-peer coaching.

The teams that make it through to the Global Scaling Programme will have the chance to attend Social Good Summit and one week training in Geneva!

For more information, visit Accelerate2030’s website or Facebook page.

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GigaGigs: Revolutionising Market Research in Cambodia! Wed, 07 Aug 2019 03:55:46 +0000 Chloe Ang “In the era of Big Data, businesses need ... More]]> On August 5, Smart announced its brand new innovative mobile crowdsourcing platform, GigaGigs by Smart! The new digital service will allow businesses to outsource tasks involving market data to the general public, ranging from customer service surveys to checking how products are displayed at a retail store.

“In the era of Big Data, businesses need access to up-to-date, relevant and actionable data to run their businesses more efficiently. With GigaGigs by Smart, businesses can crowdsource that data in a convenient and easy way as well as incentivize consumers for their involvement,” said Thomas Hundt, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Axiata.

Thomas Hundt giving his address at the GigaGigs conference

The first of its kind in Cambodia, the platform can allow tasks can be uploaded onto the platform upon request from businesses for free, while consumers receive incentives to carry out carrying out the tasks. This creates new ways for businesses to collect feedback and market data, gaining valuable insights, perception and data to improve their services for consumers.

“Traditional ways of doing market research and gathering data are often slow and expensive but with GigaGigs by Smart, it is as simple as uploading a task to the app and then retrieving first hand ‘boots on the ground’ data from actual consumers,” added Kow Kuan Hua, Managing Director and Founder of GigaGigs Southeast Asia.

The application allows consumers to share their location and verify the task as completed. Then they can upload photos or videos of the stores or products they have been tasked to review.

For more information and updates about GigaGigs by Smart, email or visit Smart’s website.

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Meet Cambodia’s Technovation World Pitch 2019 Finalist Team – LiterTree! Mon, 05 Aug 2019 09:17:13 +0000 Chloe Ang
Naeng-Norng is a platform which will reignite the Kingdom’s love for Khmer poetry! Through the word-search function, readers to find connective words with similar ... More]]>
Geeks in Cambodia would like to congratulate the LiterTree team, who will be representing Cambodia in the final stage of the world’s largest tech entrepreneurship program for young women, Technovation!

Naeng-Norng is a platform which will reignite the Kingdom’s love for Khmer poetry! Through the word-search function, readers to find connective words with similar phrasing. The in-app lessons will also teach users more about composing poems and literature!

The LiterTree team will be representing Cambodia at the World Pitch next week in San Francisco! In the meantime, Geeks in Cambodia has spoken to them about their accomplishments, and how they have prevailed through their struggles as a team.

The following interview has been edited for clarity, length and flow.

How do you feel about this accomplishment and how has the journey been like for you thus far? 

LiterTree (L): We feel really happy because all we wanted to do is learn about technology and get involved in the technology field. But, after joining  Technovation, we really feel like we want to learn more, as they gave us chances to compete and feel like real role models. We didn’t make it to the national stage, so it was unbelievable for us to make it to the World Pitch. We are so excited about this opportunity to pitch our idea and represent Cambodia in San Francisco. Technovation really doesn’t just teach us about technology and business, but we are also learning about life and overcoming difficulties as a team.

How much has the idea changed since it was first formulated? 

L: We initially wanted to create a health application that would link people with health issues with doctors. But we thought about it and realised that there are many health applications out there already, so we wanted to create a unique application. Another idea that we had was related to agriculture and helping farmers sell their products, but it has been made before as well.

What motivated you to introduce the idea of Naeng-Norng? 

L: We have personally faced this problem at school, writing poems during literature classes, that’s why we came up with this idea. We also realised that this can be a widespread issue, since we have interviewed people from other provinces as well, and found out that they face the same problem.

How has it been like balancing other responsibilities like school with this programme? 

L: We have weekends to work on our startup, we have created schedules as well. During weekdays, we will skip two or three lessons to work on the programme. If work gets too busy, we would ask for lesson exemptions to work on our application before catching up with lessons on weekends. We have had to sacrifice a lot of programmes that we could have taken part in at school, but it has been worth it.

What has been the greatest victory in your journey thus far? 

L: We are proud of the fact that we learned to accept our differences and move on without giving up. At the beginning of the project, we wanted to change our idea a few weeks into the programme, so there were concerns that there was not going to be enough time. For a while, we couldn’t decide among ourselves which idea to choose and it was very stressful, but we were able to move past that as a group, and  that was a success for us. Through this journey, we have gotten a lot closer as well.

What has been the greatest challenge in your journey so far? 

L: We would say that the technical part was a huge challenge for us, because we entered the competition with no coding experience and we had to spend plenty of time and effort to learn and master coding for our application. That part was difficult, but we made it through.

How do you plan to differentiate yourself from the other teams at the world pitch? 

L: We will work on our confidence. Our slides and our presentation are already done, we just have to remember to be more confident and to be proud of ourselves as representatives of Cambodia. We will inspire others by being passionate and sharing about our culture.

What will you keep in mind going forward in your entrepreneurial journey? 

L: We have our own affirmations, but we mainly keep in mind to be honest and to voice out our opinions and disagreements, should we be displeased with someone else. After all the team comes first, if we don’t do our part individually, the other members would be affected.

What are your plans for Naeng-Norng in the coming years even beyond the programme? 

L: We have plans for our application, such as adding features that allows users to upload voice recordings of them singing their poem, and chat groups. We may expand to other countries by sharing Khmer poems in different places, providing translations with the help of local contacts.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs who may be thinking of joining Technovation? 

L: In this programme, you will learn how to be a leader, but being a leader doesn’t mean that you are the best. You must take the time to listen to your team members, to be humble and to admit to your mistakes. So, you have to trust your teammates, be open and honest! Making mistakes is very normal, just know that you can always start again. Take a step back when you encounter difficulties, to think about your position and your plans. Perfection takes time!


Geeks in Cambodia is incredibly proud of the LiterTree team for their accomplishments, and we wish them the best for the pitch next week! For more information, visit their Facebook page. Stay tuned for more information on the Technovation Cambodia Facebook page, and Technovation Girls website!

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Meet The SmartStart Winning Teams: STYLE! Mon, 05 Aug 2019 06:20:50 +0000 Chloe Ang STYLE works closely with tailor shops in Cambodia to allow users to rent outfits for special occasions, such as weddings and parties, and to allow Cambodians ... More]]> For our final week of chatting with the SmartStart winning teams, Geeks in Cambodia sits down with STYLE, a platform to rent dresses, suits or traditional clothing for celebrations!

STYLE works closely with tailor shops in Cambodia to allow users to rent outfits for special occasions, such as weddings and parties, and to allow Cambodians to enjoy different looks at a lower cost.

The team gave us insight about their challenges, how they had overcome them as a team, and their hopes for the incubation programme! Read on to find out more.

The following interview has been edited for clarity, length and flow.

How do you feel about this win and how has the 3-month SmartStart journey been for you?

STYLE (S): We feel very excited, this is the biggest achievement in our university life, we had never expected to win such an award. We feel like this programme has changed us from someone who studies for grades, to someone who has their own business, with more knowledge beyond school. Overall I think this programme is amazing, because we got to learn a lot about digital businesses and leadership skills. During SmartStart we get to practice and improve our own skills as well.

How has the SmartStart programme evolved your business idea and integrated it into the mobile application? 

S: Actually, when we first applied for the programme, our idea was mainly focused on tailoring services, we wanted people to use our platform to get their clothes made. But after the Hatch day, we started to learn about business models and how to change our idea, apply it in the real world and see if it’s going to work or not. We found that it is not going to work and we could find other ways to explore clothes tailoring, so we decided to change it to a clothes renting service.

What was the thought process behind the concept of STYLE?

S: The inspiration came from our own experiences. When we have to go for a wedding or any party, we have to spend a lot of money on clothing, because it’s quite expensive and we only wear it once or twice. We feel like we can help other people too, since they may face this problem as well. We got this idea from one of our friends who actually recommended clothes rental. We conducted surveys as well and people feedbacked that they would prefer a clothes rental service as opposed to tailoring services.

What are some of the challenges during the programme? 

S: As a team, we needed to talk to people through face-to-face interviews, some people didn’t even want to talk to us, and it was quite challenging. We had to travel around Phnom Penh to find partners, to convince them to partner with us. Some of them were very open to the idea when others just ignored us. Another challenge we faced was developing the business model by ourselves, we needed to try to think about what works and what does not. Team arguments were also an issue, and it was hard to deal with finding methods on how to tackle conflicting issues.

How different were the various stages of the SmartStart journey for you? 

S: The first day of SmartStart, we didn’t know  anything about it and our idea was tailoring services instead of clothes rental. We learned how to do market surveys, how to talk to people. They they have also taught us to recognize whether our business idea would be feasible or not. At the Hackathon, we learnt how to develop our ideas into real ones within two days before the pitch. We went deeper into the pitch by creating the prototype within two days as well, so it was intense. Bootcamp helped us a lot, we didn’t just learn about basic skills such as technology or finance, but they taught us instead useful life skills such as meditation and mindfulness.

What do you have in mind for your business idea during the incubator programme?

S: We have plans to include the clothes that people wear everyday. If it was just  traditional outfits and party outfits, we believe the market is still too small. We also want to mirror one of the most successful business models, Rent the Runway from the US, applying their concept to our idea. On top of that, we want to start our operations on Facebook this month, before our application launch, as it may still take some time. We want to also develop our webpage in the coming months.

How do you want to differentiate yourself to emerge as the most outstanding team during the incubation programme with Impact Hub? 

S: We need to try to develop our business and make more revenue to be the best. In order to do that, we need to have strong team spirit. We also plan to have one more technology expert in order to be more efficient in developing our application.

Do you have any advice for aspiring innovators? 

S: We think the most important thing to bear in mind is to not underestimate yourself, you may not be aware of your hidden talents, or of your potential. If you want to go for something, do it and give it a try! Programmes like SmartStart really unlocked our potential and gave us room to improve. Don’t hesitate if you want to go for such programmes. Just give it a try and don’t give up if you have a passion for something. Even if you fail, you can carry the experiences to your work life or other programmes!


Geeks in Cambodia congratulates the STYLE team for their accomplishment, and wishes them the best in hitting all their milestones and ambitions during the incubation programme! For more information on STYLE, check out their Facebook page here.

Read more about our past teams, Rentech, PhumCAKE SpeakOut and Sers Chborng! To find out more about SmartStart, visit the SmartStart website or the Smart for Cambodia Facebook page!

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