Facebook’s ‘one stop shop’ approach to marketing is ideal for Cambodia’s social sellers and small businesses – especially for those who have their own website, according to Httpool, which represents Facebook for ad sales in Cambodia.

According to Httpool APAC Facebook Measurement Lead Archana Roche, Facebook’s impressive array of tools – from Facebook Shop to Commerce Manager and even Messenger – are ideal for anyone wishing to set up a small or medium sized business in Cambodia. And using Facebook for business can also make managing a business website easier too.

“For small businesses, it’s not always easy to build a website. But you may want to consider building a simple one, given the many Facebook tools helping unlock potential revenue and insights for your business,” advises Httpool APAC Facebook Measurement Lead Archana Roche. “For example, when you implement the Facebook Pixel on your website, it allows you to see how people interact with your website after viewing your Facebook ad. It also allows you to optimize your ads for conversions that means it is telling Facebook how this information can help you refine your ad strategy and get a better return on your investments. The Pixel works by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they interact with your website and your Facebook ads and provides a goldmine of information and deeper insights into those who visited your website and the journey they took to reach your final purchase page.”

However, for those who do not have their own websites, Facebook tools can also help small and medium sized businesses to launch and manage their businesses. The following tools, in particular, are geared towards helping small and medium sized businesses -

Facebook Shop – where people can browse, explore and purchase products directly through Facebook and Instagram. This is an online storefront and can be customised regularly with new collections and showcase featured products so that the Facebook shopping experience is completely seamless.

Commerce Manager – gives access to insights on the performance of sales and the popularity of products which helps businesses to customise and design their Facebook Shop accordingly.

Messenger chatbots – using the Facebook Messenger Solution, businesses can create excellent customer experiences and turn any conversation into conversion by simply including CLICK TO MESSENGER in their communications and connect with customers on a more personal level.

Facebook Live – allows a business to live stream an event and reach a wider community who can watch from their phone, computer, or even connected TV.

Facebook Marketplace – is a dedicated space to sell items listed on Facebook within a business’ local community. The Marketplace allows one to reach buyers who are already in a purchasing mindset and browsing products to buy. If a business can provide fast answers using real-time messaging with accurate price and product descriptions, then this could result in a sale. From retailers to real estate agents, and car dealerships to recruitment agencies, the marketplace is effective at achieving sales.

“Armed with all these tools, it is now time to put your best foot forward by creating the most inviting and appealing content for your business, product or brand. Creativity is everything, it can make or break a brand and help you stand out from the rest,” advises Httpool APAC Facebook Measurement Lead Archana Roche. “This is why it’s crucial to do your homework and explore the best ways you can to relate to your customers with Facebook advertising”.

According to Httpool, companies in Cambodia that are not making the most of Facebook applications could be missing out on business opportunities and sales.