Facebook introduces Hashtags

No need to introduce the hashtag principle, initially made famous by social network Twitter. In a nutshell, hashtags allow to embed a tag in a post and create an interactive keyword, by adding a prefixed to a word with a hash sign.

Other resources also use this principle, such as Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram, and now Vine of course which is a Twitter’s product.

So far, Facebook had no public intention of implementing this feature in their contents, although many users asked for it, and lately rumors of this upcoming function started to grow. So yesterday, Facebook finally unveiled the hashtag function, that is already pleasing a huge amount of users.

Indeed, who hasn’t posted a hashtag for fun in a Facebook status, or hasn’t seen one of his friend doing so ? Starting from now, when posting a hashtag, this one will be clickable, relating to other contents with same topic posted by people and pages.

facebook hashtag

First question that came into our mind was about privacy matters. Indeed, we wondered if adding a hashtag in one of our status would make it public or not. But Facebook reassured everyone by confirming the privacy of all posts, even those including hashtags.

From today, you’ll then be able to :

• Looking for a hashtag related to the topic of your choice, directly from your search bar
• Clicking on existing hashtags posted by others (pages and friends’ profiles)
• Including hashtags in your own publications (status, post, pictures…)

Facebook explained this new Hashtag feature was only the first of “a series of features that surface some of the interesting discussions people are having about public events, people, and topics“, as they clearly mean to engage people even more on the platform.

So stay tuned for more functions to be revealed by Facebook soon !