Facebook Gaming provides opportunities for streamers and creators in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, 3 June – Viewership of Facebook Gaming live stream in Cambodia has grown by 65% over the last year with Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire as the top 3 most-streamed games from Facebook Gaming in Cambodia.

A rising number of eSport enthusiasts and professionals use the Facebook Gaming Creator Program to create content, stream videos, connect and share experiences with their fans, or to build their business.

Just in the last month, gaming video viewers interacted more than 8.5 million times and sent out over 4 million stars, a feature that allows video creators to make money from streaming their content.

“Mobile usage in Cambodia has always been huge and Facebook is widely-used throughout the country for different purposes. With gaming and esport as a new trend, Facebook Gaming enables many gamers, from casual to professional players, to showcase their talent on stream in realtime to the world. Other esport enablers are also able to use the platform to host tournaments for the community,” said Ream Angkor, popular video creator and Facebook gaming partner.

The Facebook Gaming app provides a way for people to discover, watch, play and share personalized content all in one place. It has been designed to offer a deeper experience around Facebook Gaming content and includes new features specifically made for gamers. Some of the app’s features include discovering personalized gaming content, connecting with gaming creators to watch game shows, chatting with friends about a favorite game, and playing games with friends and family. The standalone Facebook Gaming application is now available on Google Play and iOS.

“Facebook has a significant impact on the growth of Cambodia’s eSports industry. Facebook itself is easily accessible for every Cambodian. Many of the tournaments are hosted on the Facebook Page of the respective tournament organizer and the support through this platform is amazing. Being able to play, connect and create is especially important now when we need to stay at home and follow social distancing in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, ” said Ream Angkor.

Globally, more than 700M people play, watch and share games on Facebook globally every month, and more than 55% of people who have a Facebook account play games each month.

“Southeast Asia has grown into one of the most popular markets for Facebook Gaming, driven in large part by the popularity of gaming video and our gaming creators in Cambodia. Facebook supports Cambodian creators to build a strong community and create meaningful interaction with their fans, while at the same time, providing multiple ways for these creators to build the business that best suits their content and audience,” said Michael Rose, Head of Gaming Creators, APAC at Facebook.

The thriving gaming creator ecosystem is also supported by Facebook’s development of programs for local creators to help them build a career and make a living. These include the partnered Gaming Creator Program to help established gaming creators build and grow their communities on the platform, and the Level Up Program for aspiring gaming creators.

“For most people, including me, streaming started as a side passion. I didn’t grow up saying I want to be a streamer or content creator but I liked it and I kept doing it because I love the community and all the new friends I made through this journey. You can become a full time streamer, or just do it as a fun hobby,’ said Ream Angkor.