Facebook At Work: For a Tight-Knit Company

No matter which industry you work in, chances are you have learnt to keep work separate from your personal matters. It might take awhile to strike the perfect balance, and the exponential rise of social networking profiles definitely do not help.

With more and more people doing social media checks on others, people have become more wary of that they post on sites such as Facebook. Perhaps a picture from a rowdy night might cost you a client, or some snarky comments of yours made you lose a partner, all in all, it is not easy.

Which brings me to my next point, Facebook at Work. The tech giant recently rolled out this feature to help keep social media fun and carefree but also draws a clear line between content appropriate for work and that for personal affairs. What it does is create a work account and gives you the tools to interact with your colleagues. Content shared on your work account will only be visible to those at your company.

Should you want to use Facebook at Work, your company has to be using it. You are not able to sign up as an individual, which eliminates the risk of fake account sprouting up.

You need to set up your work account on a laptop or desktop, after which you can access it on your mobile phone through these apps – iOS, Android. Then, you can connect it to your personal account and switch between both using the same logins.

Below are some of the things you can do on Facebook at Work (still in private beta as of now):

F@W Collage

Eventually, Facebook at Work could mean a more tightly knitted community (especially in huge corporations), and eradicating the fear of posting on personal Facebook accounts. It could also mean streamlining corporate communications and making sure everyone is kept in the loop. No longer would people have to send emails with a one sentence message in the subject line.

To learn more about Facebook at Work, visit here.