EmTech Asia: Inspire. Innovate. Collaborate.

With an ever-increasing environment where we see more machines working with humans, one of the most important tech conferences is coming back to Singapore from January 26th to the 27th.

With 40 of the tech world’s most visionary leaders and innovators gathering at Marina Bay Sands Singapore this coming January, EmTech Asia 2016 will be a place of burning discussion of exciting future developments that will impact our lives. Topics such as advances in robotics, connected health, intelligent transportation and other emerging areas promise to be highly illuminating.

The 5 Key Themes of 2016

1. Digital Life

These sessions will explore opportunities and challenges from the Internet of Everything age, including cybersecurity and analytics.

2. Connected Health

By looking at healthcare and how it is changing through the application of technology, experts will be exploring and discussing aspects of genome editing, about how nanomedicine is breaking the code to fight human disease.

3. Augmenting Knowledge

Speakers will delve into the next frontier of Augmented Reality and biofeedback enhanced games.

4. Intelligent Transportion

With the multitude of vehicles we see crowding the roads these days in many countries, these sessions will probe how fully or partially auto vehicles are changing the way we transport, travel and commute.

5. The Future of Money

FinTech, one of the most popular verticals will be making an appearance at the conference. With topics such as the future of digital banking, payment gateways and cryptocurrencies, the future will be digitially monetized.

Organised by MIT Technology Review, the world’s oldest and most respected technology since 1899, the annual global emerging technologies conference will focus on bringing the significance of new technologies that are disrupting existing industries, creating entirely new markets and changing society to life. Not only that, the conference will focus on looking for solutions to provide clean energy, food and water for 9 billion people in the very near future.

How will we adapt urban environments to cope with such a surge in urban density? Find out at the conference.

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Event: EmTech Asia

Dates: 26 – 27 January 2016

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore