Emerald Hub Phnom Penh Update

Located on the 11th Floor of PPIU next to the Olympic Stadium, Emerald Hub (EH) is a co-working space for freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs.

Currently home to 23 startups as well as the entrepreneurs taking part in the Remote Year Programme, the Hub hosts numerous events, programmes and workshops to enhance the entrepreneurship culture in the Kingdom.

Geeks in Cambodia (GIC) caught up with the founder of Emerald Hub, Rithy Thul, to have a chat about Emerald Hub in 2016 and its exciting plans for 2017.

Talking about the plans for the next year, EH will be pursuing two major developments. The first, a second iteration of Emerald Hub!

That’s right, the team are currently looking to open yet another location for the hub to increase the number of options available for entrepreneurs in Kingdom. From there, EH hopes to be able to secure a stable level of income to create a reinvestment fund which can be used by startups incubating in EH.

The second initiative that EH will be working on in the next year will be its very own accelerator programme for startups. For us at GIC, we think this is really exciting news for aspiring entrepreneurs as it increases the chance for startups to be pushed to another level right here in Cambodia.

Looking back at 2016, Rithy mentioned that one of the key events that Emerald Hub hosted in 2016 was the Startup Party.

The Startup Party was conceived because the team at EH wanted to be more intentional about celebrating startups and startup founders in the Kingdom. The idea was to create an informal environment where startups could network because Rithy believed that “networking events have become more of a business” and he wanted to create a “community driven event” where people could come simply because it was fun!

After running a few editions of the event, Rithy reflected that this goal had pretty much been achieved because more and more people were attending simply for the experience.

Eventually, the idea is for these startup parties to cater to anyone serious about developing their startups by inviting many investors and partners to network with the aspiring founders.

Another key objective that EH looked to achieve with the Startup Party was to build a culture where aspiring entrepreneurs would be willing to share their ideas and not be afraid that they would be stolen.

Moving into 2017, these startup parties will continue to evolve and be an informal space for entrepreneurs to grow.

There you have it! An update about Emerald Hub’s plans for 2017 and how it has developed this year.

You’ll be able to hear from Rithy again as we feature his interview tomorrow on our series Behind The Geeks where he talks about the other co-working space he founded, Smallworld!