Echelon Top 100: Qualifier Round

Remember when we asked you if you had what it takes to be one of Asia’s Top 100 Startups in our previous article? Well, in the initial calls for entry for Echelon’s Top 100 Startups Competition, over 500 startups had applied, with the hopes of making it to e27’s Echelon Asia Summit 2015.

Now that that is over, the Qualifier Round will commence, where budding entrepreneurs will pitch their startups and only the TOP 100 will be shortlisted to be a part of the TOP100 Program. Judging will take place physically across 14 different countries in the Asia Pacific. 4 of the qualifier rounds, in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Australia, have already ended.

The other 10 qualifier rounds will take place throughout the month of April in 10 different countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Kazahkstan.

So what’s in it for the TOP 100 who get shortlisted? Well, firstly, each of them will be allocated their very own exhibition booth at the Echelon Asia Summit Marketplace segment. Secondly, this grand event will allow them the opportunity to gain the exposure needed to launch their startups into the next phase. Lastly, the summit is a great place for networking, where one can mingle around and get to know other people from the tech industry all over Asia Pacific.

And of course, the TOP 100 will all be in the running towards the TOP 10, who will pitch their startups in front of a live panel of international judges at the 2015 Echelon Asia Summit, where 1 person will be crowned the epic winner.

But what if you’re not part of the startup industry, and you still want to attend the different qualifying rounds? Fret not! Most of the qualifiers, as well as the entire list of workshops, are free to attend. If you live in one of the countries for the qualifying rounds, even better!

Get to see the shortlisted startups pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, rub shoulders with famous entrepreneurs who will share their experiences with you, and go for workshops by some of the largest tech companies in the world, right in your hometown!

Click here to learn more and sign up for their workshops, and here to sign up for the qualifier rounds. Simply scroll down and see the list of different countries to choose from! Additionally, reserve your tickets now for the Echelon Asia Summit, which will take place in Singapore between 23 – 24 June this year!

Still confused about the TOP 100 process? Check out the cool infographic below for a better understanding!