Don Bosco Cambodia’s Revamped Computer Lab Helps Students Develop IT Skills

Geeks in Cambodia truly believes that education is a driving force for tech and digital development in Cambodia. And there is no better way to learn than to experience it for yourself.

Which is why we were elated to find out that The Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia has unveiled their newly renovated computer center at Phnom Penh Technical Center!

The Don Bosco Foundation has operated within Cambodia since 1990, and has since been running a network of facilities across the nation to help Cambodia’s most vulnerable youths. The Phnom Penh Technical Center was the foundation’s first educative project that opened in 1991, and welcomes underprivileged young people from various provinces to provide them with opportunities to develop new skills.

Don Bosco Cambodia’s representative, Father Roel, explained that with this newly renovated lab, the 500 students at Sen Sok district’s Phnom Penh Thmei commune will be able to develop their IT skills in a state-of-the-art computer suite.

“As the global digital revolution continues to have an increasing impact in Cambodia, it is very important for our students to have the IT skills to be able to operate in this new world, and this new computer center will help to ensure they excel,” he expressed.

This upgraded computer lab, with 34 new computer terminals, would not have been possible without Phnom Penh City Centre, the 111-hectre mixed-use development in central Phnom Penh. With a strong belief in making sustainable investments in youths through education, they certainly showcased it be contributing over $100,000 to this renovation.

And that’s not all. Aside from the sponsorship, they will also be providing scholarships to 20 students for the next two years.

“PPCC is proud to contribute to the amazing work that Don Bosco does in Cambodia. We strongly support sustainable growth in the country, and by sponsoring 20 students in their continued study, and in the provision of computer facilities for the Phnom Penh technical center, we are confident that future generations of Cambodian youth will be better prepared for the future,” said Michelle Lau, PPCC Managing Director.

Prior to this sponsorship, Don Bosco Cambodia’s projects were always supported by foreign donors, making PPCC the first local donor to Don Bosco Cambodia’s cause. It is certainly heartwarming to see that local, big companies have taken action to start supporting the development of their own Cambodian people.

“PPCC continues to develop in the heart of Phnom Penh, providing cutting-edge living and leisure facilities in a safe and green environment, utilizing Cambodian knowledge and expertise to achieve the best possible experience and quality. As such, we understand the direction the country is headed and the skills needed to take us there, and I want to wish the Don Bosco students who will benefit from the new computer center the best of luck in their studies, and in Cambodia’s exciting future,” stated Michelle.

At this computer lab, students will be equipped with both basic computer skills as well as specialised skills such as using AutoCAD, a computer-aided drafting software to create blueprints. This would definitely provide these students with technical skills and knowledge that would help them when job-searching.

For Geeks in Cambodia, such educative initiatives are definitely a step in advancement of the Kingdom as a whole; the youths now will ultimately be the nation’s foundation of workers, innovators, and leaders in the years to come.

We certainly hope to see more of such facilities become available to the youths, and for tech to bloom even more in our country’s rapidly developing scene.