Don Bosco Cambodia Gets Technology

The Don Bosco school in Phnom Penh is getting their chance at technology thanks to the effort of foreign Veritas students, who had recently forgo their technology usage to raise funds for the cause.

Trina Botelho, who teaches English, Basic Business and Social skills to women between the ages of 18 to 25, first noticed the lack of technology available to aid her course in February. Since then, the project has seen a successful funding of $2004, which was then used to buy several tech gadgets to enhance the lessons.

There is now a large television to engage children with accessible song and/or dance clips from the Internet, and aid them in their pronunciation of the languages. Other new purchases include three small USB speakers for classrooms, a microphone and sound system for assembly sessions, and a laptop for the school secretary.

Botelho responded in her letter, “I am so thankful not only for your large donation but for your efforts in abstaining from using technology for a week. I know how difficult that can be for us who are used to using technology multiple times daily. Thank you for sacrificing and taking the time to experience a piece of what life is like in a third world country.”

This cause inspires us as it highlights the simple fact that we use technology so much because it is made freely available to us. Perhaps one of the most important steps to take when pushing Cambodia forward with technological knowledge is to ensure that the same technology is made available to everyone. Facebook’s “Connectivity Lab” drone is in the same direction, but we believe that any small step is a big leap for the country.