Discover the Amazing Global Blockchain World with BlockShow Asia 2017

BlockShow Asia 2017 Powered by Cointelegraph will be happening from 29 to 30 November 2017 at Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa! Dubbed as the window to the global Blockchain world and with the times for Blockchain solution becoming increasingly tough, this conference aims to build the bridge between the Asian and Global Markets and unite this community of industry players.

On top of that, this conference aims to start a dialogue between the Blockchain community and governments to achieve structure and logical regulations. Moreover, bringing it back to a more local context, Cambodia has shown signs of jumping on the Blockchain wave as well; so an event like this will surely be something engaging and fulfilling for Cambodian businesses interested in tapping into Blockchain solutions.

For example, earlier this year in April, The National Bank of Cambodia, also known as the Kingdom’s central bank, has partnered with Japanese blockchain specialist Soramitsu Co. in hopes of testing the development of a new payments infrastructure based on blockchain technology, according to media reports from Phnom Penh. They plan to launch the testing phase of a closed loop blockchain-based technology by the fourth quarter of this year.

With this upcoming trend in mind, what can interested participants expect and get from BlockShow Asia 2017?

 Participants can expect to be part of the large BlockShow community that involves various players in the Blockchain ecosystem such as startups, investors, founders, C-level executives, lawyers and developers. Furthermore, participants can be the first to learn about the latest announcements revolving around the industry’s biggest Blockchain creations; from new product releases to partnerships to deals and even ICOs!

As for those who are interested in implementing Blockchain in their businesses, there will be detailed talks done by experts, specially designed to educate those interested in acquiring solutions in the aforementioned sector. They can expect to learn about Blockchain’s various use cases and how it can be extended to more than just Fintech with other sectors like Music, Supply Chains, Medicine, AI, Digital Identity and many more.

Big Blockchain vloggers, like Ivan on Tech and Ameer Rosic, will also be present at BlockShow. Well-known throughout the community for their provision of education, opinions and news to millions of viewers, participants will have an opportunity to meet them face-to-face and get their experience, knowledge and vision through a series of workshops, organizes right after the BlockShow event.

Besides that, expect to be inspired by the founders of a variety of established Blockchain projects who will be showcasing their solutions too. This is the perfect opportunity to try their products and services with your very own hands!

For Blockchain startups, here’s a list of attractive key events that you might be interested in applying for as well:

  1. ICOscar

ICOscar is a Startup Competition dedicated to revealing the most promising Blockchain projects that plan to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the best ICO according to the people’s choice will be unveiled on the second day of BlockShow Asia 2017. Startups involved will compete for the big main prize of $20,000, along with full assistance from the Waves Platform in holding a successful ICO.

If you want to learn more about ICOscar or want to apply for the competition, look here.

  1. Hypethon by Cryptofriends

For Hypethon, 10 innovative Blockchain-based startups will be carefully selected to launch their ICOs right at BlockShow Asia. Taking place in the exhibition hall with its own

own separate zone, experts, potential backers and participants will have a chance to engage in a Q&A session with project founders before each launch. Every BlockShow participant will be able to support projects offering exclusive conditions and after the end of the Q&A, a bell ring will mark the beginning of the ICO.

If you are interested in reading more about Hypethon by Cryptofriends or want to apply for the exhibition, visit this page.

As usual, networking will be playing a big part at the event. Don’t worry about not being able to find the right people at the conference. By utilising the BlockShow mobile app that filters all the attendees, meeting at the right time and places to make deals and drive the community forward has never been easier! There will also be pre-parties and afterparties located at Singapore’s beautiful plethora of pools, rooftops and skyscrapers to help participants connect with viable sponsors.

Hence, if you are a Blockchain Investor, Blockchain enthusiast who is ready to learn more from the experts or even a Blockchain startup who wants get your Blockchain ideas out there, find out more information and get your tickets now at For a more detailed agenda breakdown, you can look here too.

Also, for Geeks in Cambodia subscribers who are interested in attending this conference, you are in for a treat because BlockShow Asia 2017 has kindly offered our readers a 25% discount on tickets! Get your tickets here or use the code, GEEKSINCAMBODIA25, when purchasing your tickets.