Discover ‘Layout from Instagram’: New Mobile App for Photo Collages

On the 23rd of March, the prayers of many social media gurus and heavy users of Instagram were finally answered – Instagram launched a new mobile application that helps people make photo collages, and it’s completely free!

‘Layout from Instagram’ is the second separate application that has been released by the popular online photo-sharing network so far, with Hyperlapse, a time-lapse video editor, being the first to be introduced in August 2014.

Now, photo collages may not sound like such a big deal, but in the world of social media, it actually is. Many of you might have already noticed how common collages are on social networking sites. By following the latest fads, Instagram managed to create an application that actually suits people’s wants. To back this up, Instagram mentioned in a blogpost announcing the launch of the application that they’ve “seen these kinds of visual storytelling (collages) happening on Instagram” and they’re “inspired by it”.

However, there are already plenty of other applications that are available on iTunes to help you make photo collages. Some of the more popular ones include Pic Collage, Photo Grid, Moldiv, and so on. With so many of these third-party applications already existing, what’s so good about ‘Layout from Instagram’ then?

Well for starters, the appliation has a really minimalistic and clean design to it, which has been applauded by reviewers on the iTunes store. Upon downloading and opening it, a quick tutorial appears to give you a heads up, before it lands to its simplistic landing page.

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Not only is it pretty, but it has a seamless interface too. Upon landing on the home page, one can then select up to 9 pictures to go along with a personalised layout at the top of the page.

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And if you realised, they even have a “Faces” section, which shows you all the photographs that have a face in it! Great for photo hoarders who take pictures of virtually anything and everything, so that they don’t have to spend time scrolling through their photo album to just find that “selfie” they took a week ago.

From there, mix the arrangement up by simply dragging and dropping your photos! You can also pull the blue sliders up and down in order to change how much of your image is seen. Other nifty features include the “mirror” and “flip functions in this page.

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For impromptu shots, you can visit the Photo Booth mode to capture quick bursts of photographs!

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Since its launch, ‘Layout From Instagram’ has been one of the top searches on the iOS application store. also reported that celebrities and political figures have since downloaded the application, including Victoria’s Secret and US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Currently, the application is only available on the iOS. Android users will unfortunately have to wait a little longer.

And for all you iPhone users out there, what are you waiting for? Try it out yourself! You can download it here. Go ahead and start uploading those multiple “selfies” of yours in one go!