Digital Platform Improves Cambodians’ Land Rights Knowledge

Supported by Development Innovations through grant funding and technical advice, the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights (CCHR) has developed an online platform to provide Cambodians with quality education about the rights afforded to them according to domestic and international law.

Focusing specifically on land law, the platform contains interactive content like videos and quizzes that seek to increase the knowledge of Cambodians, especially youths, on key issues surrounding land rights in Cambodia.

Taking the form of infographics, quizzes and even short videos which were crafted by Cambodian digital creative agency Endorphine Concept, the content educates users on topics like land ownership, acquisition of ownership, procedures on access to land titles, land concessions and land dispute mechanisms.

Here at Geeks in Cambodia, we find it really exciting that organisations are capitalising on available digital resources to produce and create relevant and engaging content for the benefit of the kingdom.

With Cambodians as the target audience for the website, the material was also intentionally developed in Khmer. This includes everything from the voice overs included in the videos to the text used in the infographic.

Early signs indicate that this intentionality in using the Khmer language has been effective in communicating to users the intricacies of the law as 65% of users have scored at least 70/100 for quizzes related to land ownership.

Thus far, the platform has also received numerous positive reviews from key stakeholders in the market with various civil society organisation staff members expressing their interest in using the published content for their training and awareness raising activities.

Ms Chea Sovanny, a staff member from non-governmental organisation (NGO) Urban Poor Women Development said, “I have a team who provides training on land rights to community people, and I find that this platform is an important tool for the training.”

Interestingly, it’s not only amongst industry players that the materials are being circulated. On social media, the training videos on land rights education have also received significant traction on Facebook, averaging 30,000 views and 1,000 shares with the most popular video achieving over 41,000 views.

It’s really exciting to see these tech-based materials being used to educate and train youths in the kingdom. Moving forward, we really hope that more organisations can adopt such innovative measures and make use of technology for social good.

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Information for this article was adapted from this Development Innovations blog post.