DI: Join The August Rush With 5 New Tech Events

If you have been pining for some exciting events to fill up your August, we have some good news. The events have been here all along; all you have to do is listen to Development Innovations and check out their action-packed schedule for the month ahead! From Priority Traffic Light’s launch to the Technology Scholarships at National University of Management (NUM), we’ve got you covered:

The Launch of Mekhek For Khmer Online Communities: 17 August

Photo Credits: Mekhek

Photo Credits: Mekhek

Calling all Cambodian keyboard warriors! The latest online destination around the block, Mekhek.com is a platform for Khmer Internet users to freely express their thoughts, share their stories, and engage in meaningful conversations with other Khmer Internet users in a respectful environment. With a goal to help create Khmer online communities in order promote interactive and meaningful discussions, join this exciting launch to find out what other plans are in store for the platform. The event will be hosted by the Mekhek team, namely Keo Sothie, Heng Tithpanhavath, Sam Rithyratha, Say Vortana, Ea Raksmey, Sok Parinha, Set Lyna, and Alex Oo.

The team members behind this venture come from a mix of field backgrounds, so be sure to know whom to hit up for the different aspects of Mekhek. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the States, Keo Sothie is now continuing his way towards a Law Degree. When compared to him, Heng Tithpanhavath is described to be the philosopher of the team, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from the Institute for Learning (IFL). Say Vortana just returned from France where he received a Master’s Degree in IT, and he also holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. Sam Rithyratha has a Bachelor’s Degree from IFL also, and is currently working in the finance sector in Cambodia. Ea Raksmey is a top medical student specializing in Ophthalmology, and on a mission to help and restore Cambodians’ sights. Sok Parinha is a lecturer at IFL, having just returned from the States where he received a Master’s degree in Policy Economics. Set Lyna graduated from Limkokwing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Designing. Finally, Alex Oo has two Bachelor’s Degrees – one in Computer Science and another in Biochemistry from the States – and he is now a medical student in Australia.

The Launch of Mekhek For Khmer Online Communities is free and will take place from 2pm to 4pm, 17 August 2014, at the Development Innovations office. You can RSVP your attendance here!

Introducing Priority Traffic Light (Smart Traffic Light): 17 August

Up next happening earlier on the same day, the introduction of the smart traffic light system, termed as Priority Traffic Light with Hi Hangseng! He will be addressing the background, objectives, features and technology behind the system to show how it can be useful for people, government, and society. In short, keep it safety and easy with Smart Traffic Light.

He currently works as the IT Officer at Phnom Penh International Port Customs and Excises Branch, and is also the Team Leader at Khmer Smart Tech. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree at the Norton University with a major in Computer Science, he is also the recipient of three awards: Bronze Prize at International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (i-Envex 2013, Malaysia), First Prize for Priority Traffic Light System in 2012, and Third Prize for Hotel Management System in 2011.

Introducing Priority Traffic Light with Hi Hangseng is free and will take place from 10am to 11am, 17 August 2014, at the Development Innovations office. You can RSVP your attendance here!

Addressing the Special Needs of Cambodia’s Deaf Students: 19 August

Photo Credits: Rochester Institute of Technology

Photo Credits: Rochester Institute of Technology

On the following Tuesday, come and hear the leading experts on the education of deaf children in Cambodia as they share their launch of a teach training program for teachers of deaf children and youth throughout the country. The team will be working under a grant from the Nippon Foundation (Japan) and the prestigious National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology. They are also working with foundations such as Krousar Thmey Phnom Penh (school age children) and Mary Knoll Deaf Development Program Phnom Penh (young adults). Recognizing the need for Special Needs education, the team’s aim is to develop a substantial use of technology to improve teaching and learning amidst the scarcity of human and financial resources available to support basic education for deaf training. It is never to early to start thinking about it, and they are here to start you on the right train of thought.

They will be here for three weeks providing intensive training to over 100 Cambodian teachers for the deaf, working to expand the capacity of the Cambodian teacher by introducing them to new methods and pedagogy used elsewhere. The training has been delivered using English to Khmer translation, as well as American Sign Language to Khmer Sign Language translation. The current team includes: Dr. Christopher Kurz, Professor NTID; Dr. Oscar Cohen, consultant (Former Director, Lexington School for the Deaf); Brittany Coyne, Interpreter; Sara Sarchet; Kimchom Hang (Krousar Thmey); and Sophe Tuch (Deaf Development Program Mary Knoll).

Addressing the Special Needs of Cambodia’s Deaf Students is free and will take place from 5.30pm to 7pm, 19 August 2014, at the Development Innovations office. You can RSVP your attendance here!

How to Benefit from Google Maps: 20 August

EZECOM Innovations in DI’s Action series this month will happen the next day with Chamnam Muon, as he shares the benefits from Google Maps services. According to Google, 97 percent of customers shop for local businesses online, and in the world of apps, Google Maps is a heavy hitter. It’s the most popular smartphone app out there, with over 54 percent of smartphone users who use apps using it to get where they need to go. If you have a physical retail location you can’t afford to ignore this easy and free way to – literally and figuratively – get your business on the map. When your business is listed, you help your customers find you through different Google channels such as Maps, Search and Google+ and drive more traffic to your business.

The man behind his own website of the same name, Chamnan is a tech and non-tech lover who likes contributing to the community by marking business locations, tourism sites, and interest points on Google Maps personally. He founded Khmer HDR – a community blog created to bring Cambodia’s photos boasting of High Definition Rang, Panoramic, and 360-degree photography to the world. He also has been involved in many IT activities such as a speaker of BarCamp Battambang, co-organizer of GeoWalk and MapUp, and DevFest Phnom Penh 2013. He holds a Bachelor degree of Computer Science, and is pursuing his Master degree of Business Administration at Norton University.

How to Benefit from Google Maps is free and will take place from 5.30pm to 7pm, 20 August 2014, at the Development Innovations office. You can RSVP your attendance here!

Introducing Technology Scholarships at NUM: 27 August

On the last week of August, be sure to catch Kerry Slattery as she sheds more light on the scholarships available for students interested in studying in the Technology & Innovation Major at NUM this October. Two full-scholarships and 25 half-scholarships will be awarded to students based on their entrance examination score and interview, and this time, innovation is key. The Technology & Innovation Major combines design, business and computer science courses to prepare graduates to enter the booming tech industry of Phnom Penh, so if you are looking to develop the next FacebookGoogle or Instagram, this scholarship is right up your alley!

Speaking as the International Program Director at NUM, Kerry has a Bachelors degree from the University of Florida and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago in America to add on to her credentials. She recruits foreign professors from abroad to come teach Cambodian students in technology, design and business all the hope that Cambodian youth will have the capacity to build their own innovative future.

Introducing Technology Scholarships at NUM with Kerry Slattery is free and will take place from 6pm to 7.30pm, 27 August 2014, at the Development Innovations office. You can RSVP your attendance here!

Development Innovations is located on #296, St. 271, Sangkat Toul Tompong 2, Khan Chamkarmon. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Click here to see a map.