Crowdsourcing Week Global 2015

The annual Crowdsourcing Week Global (GSW 2015) is back for its 3rd edition of the biggest global conference on crowdsourcing and crowdfounding! The conference focuses on joint business methods in order to succeed in today’s progressively connected world, and will take place in Singapore at the Genexis Theatre.

This year, the GSW Global aims to uphold its theme of “Crowd Economy: Disrupting Billion Dollars Industries and Empowering Billions”, where attendees will get to witness the finest companies from the heart of the crowd economy and their corresponding corporates take part in active discussions on the global crowd economy’s future.

Held from the 20th to 24th April, one can expect to associate with global leaders from the enterprise, government, finance, marketing, and tech sectors for a superlative inside view on the disruptive transformations, technological innovations, growth and market opportunities steered by crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and the crowd economy.

As for the agenda of the event this year, cross-disciplinary learning will be highlighted. And fret not! There will not be any long, draining presentations that will leave you feeling uninspired after; instead, the conference will include rapid-fire sessions, panels, and interactive breakouts arranged to leave you with the ultimate satisfaction, impact, and learning. How exciting!

On the first day of the event, an opening night gala will take place to kick off the 2015 Global Crowdsourcing Week. Check out some of the photos from last year’s opening night below!

From the 21st to 23rd April, the CSW Global conference will then commence, with different topics for the different days. On the 21st, the founder and CEO of the Crowdsourcing Week, Epi Ludvik Nekaj, will make an opening remark on “Business Meets Crowds: The Billion Dollar Opportunity”, followed by “Collaborative Cities & Society: Empowering Billions” on the 22nd, and “Crowdfunding and The Crowd Finance Revolution” on the 23rd.

Epi Ludvik Nekaj, CEO and founder of Crowdsourcing Week

With over 50 different speakers leading disruptive transformations in their industry, prepare to be enlightened on how crowds are driving ideas, innovation, and acceleration. Some of the speakers that will be present include Sean Moffitt, Managing Director of Wikibrands, and Shelley Kuipers, Founder and Chief Evangelist of Chaordix.

Sean Moffitt, Managing Director of Wikibrands

Shelley Kuipers, Founder and Chief Evangelist of Chaordix.

On the last day of the event, there will be a startup workshop on how to Accelerate Your Startup with Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding. The half-day hands-on workshop will equip you with useful mechanisms, advices, and experts’ point of views. Be inspired by CEOs, Co-founders, and executives from Crowdonomic, Crowdsourcing Week, ASSOB, and many more! Click here to learn more about the workshop and sign up for it!

So what are you waiting for? Only 5 days left to the one of the biggest global conferences!

Geeks in Cambodia is very pleased to offer 20 of our readers the opportunity to get a Free Day Pass to attend the CSW Global in Singapore next week! Simply fill up this form before the end of Friday, April 17th:

20 of you lucky readers will be notified the very next day! Hurry, reserve your free day passes now! For more information, visit the official website of GSC Global here. We hope to see you there!

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