CONNECT@CoLab: Network With Professionals

CoLab Cambodia’s monthly networking meetup is back, and will be held on the 7th of October, 6:00pm at their space. CONNECT@coLab brings together professionals and enthusiasts in the technology and startup scene. Once a month, they come together to have a few drinks and chat in a formal yet cosy atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to the event, but there are a few special guests this month. There will be a venture capitalist from Norway, a representative from Mozilla Firefox (Southeast Asia), Startup Weekend Cambodia and many more.


CoLab’s cosy interior
Photo Credit: CoLab

CoLab Cambodia is the first of its kind in Phnom Penh, a coworking space that sees people from many industries – graphic designers, web developers, NGO professionals, writers and even artists. It was set up about three years ago, and provides people a place to work solo but not alone.


Not just a coworking place, CoLab is also a hackerspace. Technology enthusiasts get together there to work on projects, and they most recently assembled a Makerbot Cupcakes 3D printer. CoLab also occasionally hosts programming trainings such as the Angular JS Training on the 4th of October.

Currently, there are four ways to join coLab. You can pay for daily entry or for a bundle of ten days. If you want even more access, consider increasing your status to “member” or “sponsor”. You can find out more here.

CONNECT@coLab has been going on for approximately four to five months, and is continuously being improved. Check out the listing below for more information, or go on to coLab’s site here.