Concepts inspired by Facebook Home

Korean company Kakao, well known for its KakaoTalk messaging app, recently released a new concept, close from the Facebook Home’s one. This concept is named “KakaoHome”, and as Facebook Home, it creates on the smartphone a built-in access to the Kakao features.

This launcher has been developed for Android devices so far, and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Once installed, it gives a makeover to the smartphone and provides a real “Kakao experience” throughout its use.

kakao home

Indeed, you can have an instant access to Kakao’s notifications, and it also allows users to reach easily and quickly their KakaoTalk messages, without having to open a specific app (which is exactly one of the feature that previously seduced users with Facebook Home).

Facebook Home seems to have inspired not only the renown korean startup, as many rumors of integrated launchers concepts tend to come through these days.

Indeed, a german developer imagined for fun a Facebook Home like concept for iOS7. This hypothetical integrated launcher would gather quick reply function and a fast access to applications.

You can watch this imaginary concept in the following video :