CCIM launches a new multimedia platform in Cambodia

We already introduced Cambodian Center for Independant Media in a previous post from last month, and are glad to pass the word on their latest release.

Last week, CCIM officially launched a new multimedia platform called VOD Hot News (VOD standing for “Voice Of Democracy”), available in Khmer language. This platform aims at sharing news focused on Cambodia, in terms of culture, politics, economy, technology and more… All news are brought by citizen reporters, and such a media aims foremost at supporting all citizens in making a difference in their communities, through information and education.

Voice of Democracy Cambodia

This new website is meant to inform, educate, and also entertain” declares online news editor Sun Narin.

The strenght of this website is to rely on 24 citizen journalists from 12 different provinces, who will report latest news from all around Cambodia on a daily basis, thanks to mobile technology.

We are all the more excited about such a project as we are deeply convinced that online media will keep growing in Cambodia, bringing fresh information to readers in an accessible way.

Indeniable proof of the upcoming bright future of online media in Cambodia : newly released, the website has already gathered more than 1 million visitors.