CamboTicket: An Easier Way To Travel

Every consumer wants abundance in choice, where they can pick and choose the best option for them. CamboTicket is an online bus booking platform that caters to both locals and tourists. They work with local bus operators such as Paramount Angkor Express, Mekong Express, Giant Ibis and VGS Travels and Tours to provide an online bus ticketing platform. CamboTicket eliminates the need of over-the-counter booking, and leaves you spoilt for choice.

CamboTicket is extremely simple to navigate:


It gathers all information from bus operators and allows you to choose which bus you require at the different available timings. CamboTicket even indicates whether the bus has air-conditioning and water, as well as pickup services and locations – all for your convenience:

Booking Example

Additionally, you can choose which seat you prefer when you book online with CamboTicket.

Seats Selection

At CamboTicket, new routes and bus operators are being added continuously. Their ticket prices are competitive, and they pride themselves on being transparent – no hidden costs. Fear not about booking through them, as they use industry standard security features. There are three ways you can pay: credit/debit card, WING money transfer and even cash on delivery (within central Phnom Penh for now).

I spoke with the co-founder, Mr. Rahul Anand, about his motivations in pioneering CamboTicket. When speaking to locals, he found out that it was a hassle to book bus tickets through agents – especially during festive seasons. He felt that the 16 million locals – at an average age of 19 – are open to new world technology solutions to daily problems.

Additionally, he noted the growth in tourists (4 million as of now) visiting Cambodia. These, combined with his research on similar ventures in other countries alike Cambodia, made him sure CamboTicket was something to further. Rahul is looking to raise awareness for CamboTicket through Facebook, travel blogs as well as word-of-mouth.

CamboTicket is one of the initial business ventures being incubated by SEA Ventures, a company builder that follows a new model in entrepreneurship. Rahul is the Founder of SEA Ventures and loves exploring opportunities that no one else has looked at before.

At SEA Ventures, there are three different structures:

  • Incubation: Launching internal business ideas such as CamboTicket, in order to fill gaps in the market. They aim to launch another two by the end of 2014.

  • Acceleration: Partnering with other entrepreneurs with feasible ideas, providing strategic guidance and some seed funding to kickstart their projects.

  • Venture Capital: Investing in promising startups that are looking for funds to grow.

On the future plans of CamboTicket, Rahul mentions that there will be a taxi/limousine booking service soon, followed by event and movie ticket booking services.

Check out CamboTicket here!