Httpool, Authorized Sales Partner  for Facebook  in Cambodia, is advising Cambodia’s small

and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to tap into the social media platform’s 2.7 billion active

users worldwide to increase business leads and sales.

Httpool APAC Facebook Measurement Lead Archana Roche says that by strengthening their

online presence, Cambodian companies could access a market consisting of over 90 million

small businesses that currently use the social media platform and related products.

“If you’re a small business and find yourself asking the questions: How do I strengthen my

online presence? How do I build brand awareness? How do I sell online? How do I reach new

customers? How do I increase my business? And how do I become profitable with a minimal

budget? Then we have the answer for you,” Httpool APAC Facebook Measurement Lead

Archana Roche advises.

According to Httpool, an online Facebook presence proves a critical tool for small businesses

in today’s market. The firm, which has an office in Cambodia, says that ‘digital is the first point of call for shoppers prioritizing convenience, and in a constantly connected world, the mobile

phone presents every opportunity to shop from one’s pocket’.

“A Facebook online presence can not only help you raise awareness for your business, find

more customers and increase both your on and offline sales, but it also improves your brand

credibility,” adds Httpool APAC Facebook Measurement Lead Archana Roche. “Some

businesses even close the deal, from start to finish, without ever leaving the Facebook site, in

full transparency and in no time at all. Facebook has the full potential of pivoting into a central

Marketing hub; expanding reach into untapped markets and to ‘lookalike’ customers just waiting

to discover and recommend your products!”

According to Httpool, all you need to do to get started with Facebook is create a Facebook page

which ‘will be the heart and soul of your presence on the platform and help customers

remember your brand when it is time to buy’. A business page is for brands and businesses and works similarly to a person’s regular profile page, except instead of sending friend requests, users must ‘like’ or ‘follow’ a page to see its posts, Httpool advises.

In addition, ‘potential and existing clients alike can find out key information about your business,

including a link to your site, hours of operation, your location, and delivery options available’.

And, as parting advice, Cambodia SMBs are advised to stay active on their Facebook page to

keep their audience and customers engaged. By doing so a brand has a better chance of

staying ‘top of mind’.