Some of Cambodia’s most prominent influencers are adding audio podcasts to their marketing toolbox to grow and maintain their audiences.

According to Httpool, who is the authorized sales partner for Spotify in Cambodia, Khmer influencers are using audio platforms and podcasts to expand their reach to local audiences.  Those artists who currently stand out for their podcast offerings on Spotify include Young Bruisers (, Bungleng Lay ( and Mi Leb Do couple (

“Cambodia’s technologically advanced youngsters are now starting to see and make use of the potential of audio podcasts as provided by music platform Spotify,” said Shuhel Pistawala, Indochina’s Httpool Partner Director. “Now, when following influencers and celebrities, audiences expect to be able to engage with all mediums, including audio alongside video and social media channels.”

The fact that influencers are now turning to audio and podcasts to entertain their audience means that the audio-driven trend now represents an opportunity for companies to get in on the act too. The latest trend appears to be driven by the fact that audiences now want to be entertained through many mediums on various devices.

According to Httpool, Spotify has a range of data about their listeners, thanks to their sign-up procedure and what they know about user music preferences. Because they are primarily a streaming platform, they can introduce advertisements and track how consumers interact with them.

“While podcast advertising is still in its infancy in comparison to the rest of the digital ecosystem, Spotify Podcast Ads combine the intimacy and quality of traditional podcast ads with the precision and transparency of modern-day digital marketing,” adds Shuhel Pistawala, Indochina’s Httpool Partner Director.

Spotify already dynamically inserts ads into its music streaming, serving different ads to different users based on data about their age, device, and preferences.

This technology is being upgraded and applied to podcasts, which means two people can listen to the same podcast episode and receive completely different adverts for the first time.

It is critical for brands to be present where their customers are and to discover efficient ways to interact with them. Today, audio is one digital medium in which listeners can participate without touching or swiping a screen if they so desire. Success will be determined by targeting the right audience with the correct message and any other ad type. A company that is set to benefit from the latest trend is the global digital music service Spotify, which offers many advertising options.