Cambodia’s Health Ministry creates online location-tracking map of COVID-19

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cambodia reached 122 (as of April 22), the Ministry of Health’s Communicable Disease Control Department (CDC) has recently launched an online initiative that provides an interactive map and updated case count in near real-time, as well as a series of educational videos to help people play their part to stem the spread of the virus.

Mr. Sok Somnang, Deputy Director at CDC Cambodia, said the location tracking map helps provide public reliable source of information regarding COVID 19.

“The idea behind the creation of this outbreak mapping is to combat the false news and misinformation that have been spreading on different media platforms, by providing reliable and accurate information… The outcome of the interactive map has shown to be positive and we, CDC Cambodia, will continue working closely with our technical team, InSTEDD, on the updates and other content such as educational videos and more. This is to ensure the containment of the epidemic.”

With technical assistance from InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia and funding from Ending Pandemics, the initiative also aims to combat false information and create a reliable source of facts regarding the virus itself.

“Our team worked around the clock to create COVID-19 mapping and launched it under the Ministry of Health. The initiative aims to stay engaged with the community and provide the latest update of official cases of COVID-19 in Cambodia, as well as provide educational videos,” said Channe Suy Lan, Managing Director of InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia.

Since its launch, the COVID-19 mapping has received over 300,000 visitors on its website.

The data map could provide health authorities a critical head-start on potential community outbreaks and any increases in infection rates. This will enable health care workers to prepare resources ahead of time and advise the government on necessary precautions for the public across the country.

Ms. Channe speaks of the importance of information sharing and the possibility of doing more comprehensive studies that can help provide in depth analysis of the outbreak.

“Public information sharing and engagement is very crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the trustworthy information source from the Ministry of Health … more studies can be done as well as analyzing the data for future preparedness.”

As of publication, Cambodia is reporting 12 active cases of COVID 19 while 110 cases have been successfully treated.

The article has been updated on 1 May 2020.