Cambodian Superstars Get in Character for First of its Kind MLBB 515 eParty Music Video

Three of the country’s top pop idols, G-Devith, Oun and Henaa have teamed up to form the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 virtual group S.T.U.N. for Cambodia, and bringing the anthemic song “Together” to life in a Khmer music video released on May 16.

An international version of the music video has already launched and now different countries across the region are releasing their own customised versions.

S.T.U.N., an edgy, post-cyberpunk virtual group, along with all-new skins for the main characters, are just some of the special features for this year’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 eParty and the three Khmer superstars are in no doubt the right guys for the job.

S.T.U.N.’s, Chou, is a rapper, skateboarder dancer and passionate gamer and is played in the video by Cambodia’s very own G-Devith.

“The similarities between the character Chou and I is that we are both very handsome and attractive, shared with a laugh by G-Devith during the filming of the music video. “But I can’t really fight – I only know how to take care. I believe that everybody knows me as a video game livestreamer and I always livestream Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” added G-Devith.

Chou’s sidekick, Brody, is played by Oun, and happens to be Oun’s favourite character in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

“The character Brody looks a bit more serious and stronger than me, but we both look quite similar in appearance. I used to play the hero Brody in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, so what an amazing coincidence that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang selected me to play Brody in their campaign,” said Oun.

The third character, Selena, is played in the music video by Henaa, a rising star in both music and gaming, who says she shares Selena’s slightly tough edge.

“I am very happy and excited to be selected to play the character Selena. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of my favorite games, and this has been a dream project for me. The character Selena looks mean and so am I, a little. Selena’s also very pretty and I love channeling her,” shares Henaa with a smile on the set of the music video.

The launch of S.T.U.N., along with exciting new skins for the characters, is just part of the 3rd annual Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 eParty which will unite gamers from across Cambodia and southeast Asia to take part in this epic virtual event.

Under the tagline “Together We Achieve More” the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 eParty is encouraging the region’s gamers to stay positive and united despite the challenges of the global Covid-19 pandemic which has led to lockdowns and curfews across Cambodia.

For the latest news stay updated through Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official Cambodia Facebook page and Landing page, and Pleng to listen to Cambodia’s version of “Together”. You won’t want to miss the must-watch 22 May Funmatch livestream featuring G-Devith, Henaa, Brody and Cambodia’s top Mobile Legends: Bang Bang KOLs.

With 2.5 million monthly active users in Cambodia, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular mobile games played in Cambodia, so the 515 eParty is sure to bring excitement and colour during difficult times.

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