Cambodian Start-up Bloo, to support organizations and individuals working for good via their Bloo4Good program

Cambodian start-up Bloo, through Bloo4Good, will provide up to 5,000 free licences with a total value of $2.5 million for NGOs, non-profit, education and open source organizations and individuals, to help them work more effectively.

Under the slogan ‘Make the world better, together’, Bloo, a Cambodian made project management software company, decided to make its services available to companies and people working in the social and education sectors. Bloo is on a mission to empower organizations across the world to work better, together. And these 5,000 licenses are their way to help the world grow, together.

This comes in a time where many NGOs and educators are shifting to online classes and efforts, where a tool like Bloo can enhance their capacity and ease some of the Covid-19 work tensions through a simple and efficient project management software. At a focal point for this software is their push for easier and simpler collaboration, this can help companies thrive even during lockdowns, curfews, or restrictions.

“We believe in the power of teamwork, and we know Bloo helps teams work better, together. Bloo4Good was designed to make great teamwork accessible to organizations that are doing some of the most important and beneficial work in society, and it’s our way to give back to the community.” -Emanuelle Faja, CEO Bloo.

To request a license, you have to go to and follow the simple steps. Make sure you include as much information as you can in order for the internal Bloo team to ensure that your application is confirmed and Bloo can start helping your organization help the world. The usual time between the application and being able to use bloo 100% free, is around 48 hours, and be aware that inactive accounts will be closed within 3 months of non-usage.

Currently there have been more than 50 applications to Bloo4Good by all sorts of organizations and individuals. Many of them writing back to the bloo team what this means to them and their organization.

“Amazing. Thank you so much for helping us do more good for the world. “ Bernz O. Caasi

“That’s great news, thank you. I’ll be sure to ensure that it is put to good use.” Richard Thorne

“This is some noble achievement by Bloo and I commend you for it.” Gene Delicano

“Thank you Bloo, we hope we can fully utilize Bloo for greater good.” Molika Veng

Bloo competes with global giants such as Asana, and Trello, to help users get their work done faster and better. Bloo being the first Cambodian made management software, with a focus on small businesses. Their business model has always been tied to helping developing societies and with this new support to NGOs, non-profit, education and open source organizations and individuals is their way to help those that want to succeed, but cannot find or afford the tools to do so.