Cambodian Social Enterprise Startups are Welcomed to Join the Bridges for Enterprise (BfE) Incubation Programme

Calling all Cambodian Social Enterprise Startups; the Bridges for Enterprise Incubation Programme for Startups is open for applications for its January intake till 31 December 2017!

For those of you who may not be aware, Bridges for Enterprise (BfE) is an international non-profit organization home to a global community of purpose-driven students, professionals and social entrepreneurs that join hands in designing and scaling business ventures that help create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

With a strong belief that things can be changed for the better, their Incubation programme works with social enterprise startups from various regions; ranging from the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, so as to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

The BfE programme also aims to create enduring social development by helping potential participants successfully launch their startup businesses and ensuring that participants receive the best possible support that can help them make their dreams become a reality.

Furthermore, through this extremely tailored programme, participants will have exclusive access to BfE’s advisory services, free-of-charge. This is so as to develop the capacity of participants’ businesses to cope with the array of obstacles young firms face, as well as to attract financial capital in the long term.

Under the programme, there are three components; namely Consulting Engagement, Financial Advisory Engagement and Legal Advisory Engagement, which will all provided on a pro-bono basis. Delving deeper into each of the individual components for engagement:

  1. Consulting Engagement

BfE partners with student consulting societies from globally respected universities, and in turn, these student consultants will listen to the specific needs of each programme participant. From there, the team of student consultants will help to develop an Investor Proposal, which provides strategic advice on key business areas which you request for.

This includes advice on an array of topics such as marketing, revenue models, supply chains, market competition, product distribution and so on. At the end of this engagement, their findings will then be presented in a final online video call.

Besides that, each consulting engagement will be guided by a professional mentor, who has a wealth of invaluable knowledge and industry experience in the consulting sector, to provide participants with direct additional consulting advice, as well as to give feedback to student consultants.

  1. Financial Advisory Engagement

Firstly, this engagement will kick off with BfE’s in-house Finance Team seeking to understand each participants’ specific funding needs, so as to gain the best possible platform from which to research suitable funding opportunities. This may range from potential investors to grants and even crowdfunding options.

From there, regular discussions will take place between BfE’s team and the participating startup involved. This ensures that a thorough understanding of the specific challenges each startup faces is developed, leading to the creation of more optimum solutions in the end.

At the end of this portion of the engagement, the BfE finance team will provide startups with concrete recommendations that aim to help them discern which funding sources will prove to be the most successful for them. Similarly, each financial advisory engagement is guided by a finance professional as a mentor, who has both industry experience and invaluable insights from their years of work.

  1. Legal Advisory Engagement

BfE’s in-house legal team will then respond to each participants’ specific questions about legal issues by providing information and simple guidelines for startups. This engagement acts as a starting point in considering legal obligations that young businesses face.

Upon completion of the BfE Programme, startup alumni will be invited to join the BfE Network, a community of individuals who are passionate about catalysing social development. Through this diverse network, startup alumni will have exclusive access to connect with mentors and can receive continual support and resources through BfE’s online platform.

On top of that, these mentors hail from the most prestigious firms in the consulting and finance sectors, including: McKinsey & Co, BCG, Blackstone, Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, HSBC and others.

So if you are interested in applying for this programme, you can sign up here or for more information, you can visit their website here or their Facebook page here!