E-commerce and cashless payment solutions are rapidly growing in popularity in Cambodia, as people become aware of the convenience of such technologies, and recently launched GetLoy is making it even easier for Cambodian businesses and NGOs to receive payments via websites and e-commerce services.

Launched in November by Geekho (Cambodia), GetLoy facilitates international credit card payments via ABA Bank’s PayWay, and is looking to work with domestic cashless payment providers such as Pi Pay to offer more ways to pay and donate electronically. GetLoy integrates with the WooCommerce extension for WordPress websites to offer secure online financial transactions, and businesses selling their products through social media can use GetLoy payment links, allowing their customers to pay the agreed amount by just clicking the link.

 In addition to GetLoy’s clear use for e-commerce functions, it has also sought to help NGOs in Cambodia quickly and easily get access to donations and funding for projects and activities.

According to Geekho (Cambodia) co-founder Jeff Laflamme, GetLoy has a number of other innovative ideas in the pipeline for boosting financial inclusion and cashless services in Cambodia.

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we are very excited about our upcoming solutions that will greatly simplify how small businesses can sell online.”

 Working with Cambodian NGOs such as the Mondulkiri Project, which provides sanctuary to elephants, as well as commercial shops and businesses from across the tourism industry, GetLoy is offering services that are increasingly expected by young, tech-savvy and adventurous Cambodians. As more and more people join the formal banking ecosystem and get bank accounts, credit and debit cards, and e-wallets, the demands for cashless payment solutions will only further increase, and GetLoy is off to a good start.