Cambodia: Top 5 Apps For Travel

December is here, and the month of travelling simply beckons tourists to all parts of the world. Travelling to Cambodia for simply need a helping hand? Geeks In Cambodia presents to you the top 5 apps for your adventures in the Kingdom. Check out our last two installments (featuring Waze, Ouzer, HotelQuickly, Check In Tonight and more) here and here.

WOW! Siem Reap

WOW LogoSiem Reap is definitely the tourist hub of Cambodia. WOW! Siem Reap is a platform that targets Chinese visitors, and is accessible through WeChat, an application for connecting with friends. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. WOW! Siem Reap delivers information as well as recommendations on a myriad places. They are tailored to the user’s specific needs, such as “brunch”, “souvenir store” and more.

WOW! ScreenshotWOW! Siem Reap launched at the start of November, and will be implementing a “Daily Deal” feature, delivering direct information on events, promotions and more.

Cambodian Language Guide & Audio

World LogoFor travellers that are interested in communicating using Khmer, the Cambodian Language Guide & Audio app by the World Nomads can help out. It contains a whole directory of phrases in romanised Khmer, so you can get chummy with your tuktuk driver. Audio is even provided, so you do not go pronouncing them wrong and end up causing more confusion than before.

COMPILATION WORLDNeed to ask a question? There is also a feature for that. Simply submit your query and wait for the answers to come in. Your stay will be fuss free.

Cambodia Essential Travel Guide

ESSENTIAL LOGOThe Cambodia Essential Travel Guide is certainly a necessity on your journey. Whereas some apps only focus on certain cities or provinces, this guide is extremely comprehensive, and has a huge database of attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping destinations and more. Traveller ratings are also available, along with reviews and image galleries.

COMPILATION ESSENTIALThe app provides general travel information, attractions (location enabled), map, translator, and Point Of Interest searches. Need an ATM or nearby bank? You do not have to google for it. Everything is within the app.

Angkor Wat Cambodia Tour Guide

ANGKOR LOGOUndoubtedly, Angkor Wat is the monument of Cambodia. Being the largest religious monument in the world, it is only sensible to have an app entirely dedicated to it. The Angkor Wat Cambodia Tour Guide by Guiddoo is an extensive audio-visual travel guide that provides everything a tourist would need to explore the temple. The app takes care of everything, from booking tickets to personal tours and packages and even hotels and restaurants near Angkor Wat.

COMPILATION ANGKORNeed even more guidance? The Angkor Wat Cambodia Tour Guide delivers. With a step-by-step tour around the monument and trivia of each location, you can easily conduct your own tour. It also provides relevant information such as opening hours of Angkor Wat, directions and more.

Find Khmer

FIND LOGOFind Khmer is a Cambodian search engine based on location awareness. Using the database from it allows you to look through many categories crucial for your travel. These include accommodation, dining, entertainment and more.

COMPILATION FINDYou can use the app to send emails, and if you are using an iPhone, you can even make phone calls with it.

We hope with these apps you will find simpler travels in Cambodia, yet powerful and enriching. Take the chance to breath in the sights and scenes of the beautiful Kingdom!