Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival: Experience the fun in Learning

Following the success of last year’s Science Festival which raked in an astonishing 10,000 visitors in 3 days, the Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival is back again this year! It will be taking place from 9th till 11th March 2016 at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC).

Known as the largest STEM event in Cambodia held at a national level, it is a free, non-profit festival that is open to the public. The purpose of this festival is to generate hype and excitement in the Cambodian youths about STEM –  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is essential that youths are inspired and curious about science at a young age as it leads them to be interested in pursuing a STEM related career in the future. However, even though this festival is mainly targeted at youths aged 11-17 years old, people of all ages are welcomed to come together and celebrate the importance and wonders of STEM. Presented in an exciting and fun way, you can expect to discover the benefits of STEM and­ get your hands dirty while diving into the world of science and engineering!

The highlight of this festival will definitely be the various workshops and exhibits that will be held. In particular, the workshops are grouped under three main themes: “Hands-on Science”, “Innovation Sessions” and “Tools for Teachers”. This ensures that many aspects of science and engineering are covered along with the different approaches to learning. Expected to be the most popular with the youths, “Hands on science” presents various interesting and visually appealing experiments in a scientific way. Experiments that appeal to all 5 senses, the youths will not even realize that they are learning with the amount of fun that they will have. Another opportunity is also presented for youth via the “Innovation Sessions” as they are encouraged to challenge themselves to find innovative solutions to problems that are posed by engineers and designers. Allowing them to think out of the box and train their problem solving skills, it teaches them that they all have the potential to become inventors.

One of the noteworthy exhibit to look out for at the Festival would be the very first Mini Maker Faire held in Cambodia. A group of makers who are passionate about creating their very own unique pieces with technology and engineering, the Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival serves as a platform for them to share and showcase their ingenious projects while spread their innovation, passion and optimism. Perfect for gaining inspiration, you can delve more into the world of innovation and learn from the makers themselves.

The Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival 2016 is a perfect event suitable for all ages to stimulate and sustain your interest in science and engineering, so don’t forget to mark down the dates and be prepared for days of fun learning and creative innovation! To find out more information about this event, you can refer to their Facebook page here or their website here.