The 2018 Women’s Forum Singapore on September 12 to 14, will see the gathering of more than 100 speakers and 1,000 delegates from over 50 countries, for just one cause – to foster women’s leadership for social progress and economic impact in Singapore and the region.

Chiara Corazza, Managing Director of the Women’s Forum commended the event for bridging the gender gap and sparking critical dialogue, “Women’s Forum Singapore will accelerate the dynamics of economies and societies to reach their full potential by confronting issues using a gendered lens.”

The conference, themed “Bridging Worlds for Inclusive Innovations,” will focus on four essential pillars:

1. Shaping lives and leadership through innovation

This will discuss how policymakers and businesses can work together to shape the future of work, and ensure that citizens have the necessary tools and skill sets to benefit from technology and its potential to bridge social, gender and economic divides.

2. Embracing diversity for inclusive prosperity

This focuses on the redesigning of workplaces, services and cities to accept diversity and a greater social and community inclusion alongside greater prosperity.

3. Driving towards equality and empowerment

This examines the best practices and tools for advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment with reworked policies best to drive change in financial systems to create a sustainable economic development.

4. Creating the condition for resilience and stability

This emphasises innovation and women’s leadership to create better inclusion and temper the risk of climate change, improve environmental sustainability, provide energy security and set the ASEAN economies to thrive.

Engage, impact and drive change now by attending the world’s leading platform of women’s voices on major social and economic issues.

With the Women’s Forum part of the French initiative, the French embassy will be offering complimentary passes to female Cambodian entrepreneurs and representatives from NGOs and the public sector. Contact Melanie Mossard  for more information at (applicable to those above 20 years old). Alternatively, you can apply with the Women’s Forum Singapore for complimentary passes if you are a representative from an NGO, startup or working in the public sector, here. Register here or click here if you would like to learn more about the Women’s Forum.

PS: There will be complimentary entrance for one relative of each female delegate: one daughter, OR one daughter-in-law OR one son, all above 20 years old.