Budget and Forecasting for Cambodian Startups

It’s time for Happy Hour – let’s get down to what you need to know about your financial future.

You know the importance of budgeting and forecasting, but do you know how to budget and finance?

This is not the work reserved solely for accountants. Secure your future by being aware of how you spend your money. It’s not that difficult, and with this week’s Happy Hour – Biz Development “Predict the Future: Budgeting and Forecasting for Your Organisation”, it will be as easy as happy hour.

Held at Impact Hub Phnom Penh on March 23, 6pm, you will learn about the difference between budgets and forecasts, tips on how to build budgets and forecasts for your organisation, and discover the difference between and importance of cash and profit. You will also be armed with the new knowledge of learning how to manage and forecast your cash flow.

Applicable to businesses and NGOS, this presentation will be beneficial for Cambodian startups and entrepreneurs. Learn what will make your business grow and how you can work your budget to your business’ favour. You will uncover the most crucial aspects of financial planning and the course will give you a better understanding of the financial side of a business.

To further prove to you that this is a course made simple for beginners, no financial experience would be required.

Laura Smitheman, a UK-registered Chartered Accountant, will run the course. She has worked in various companies, social enterprises and NGOs in the UK, Africa, and Asia.

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This event is organised by Impact Hub.