Brainsquare : an addictive puzzle game made in Cambodia

Brainsquare is an addictive puzzle game for mobile platforms developed by Sompom, a promising video game studio based in Cambodia.

Why is it good to challenge your brain ?

As your brain is a muscle, just like your body, you need to train your it as much as possible. Experts assert that : “the more mental activity people generate, the better they can preserve from age-related cognitive decline”. They also believe that you can improve your cognitive abilities with only few exercises on a daily basis. Some studies even show that only 10 minutes of mental training can improve blood flow to the brain and boost brain connectivity. As a result, mental games can have a “vitamin boost” impact on your brain !

How does Brainsquare break the rules of classic Puzzle Games ?

Brainsquare introduces new puzzle mechanisms and some interactive gameplay in order to improve the gaming experience, with over 200 challenging and intriguing levels, and more than 10 different colors possible combinations, addicted gamers will fully satisfied.


A strategic game

Brainsquare invites you to solve each puzzle using quick and efficient moves. Challenge yourself by achieving puzzles with less moves as possible, and share your results on Facebook.

A game for everyone, developed by Cambodian startup

Sompom Creative Studio is a Cambodian game studio specialized in games for mobile platforms. The team members describe themselves as true Geeks who “don’t like to appear on credits”. We recently talked about Numbees, a series of games to explore the world of maths (Numbees & The world of Math) and to workout your memory (1,2,3 Numbees Memory).

Have a look at Brainsquare game in the following video presentation :