BookMeBus Secures $15,000 from Angel Investors

BookMeBus(BMB) was launched in October 2015 and is a website which sells tickets for bus rides in Cambodia to both local and foreign travelers.

The startup is now available for service across 25 provinces and cities, with over 50 express operations in Cambodia and what’s more, you can access the service from the comfort of your phone. Today, BMB is valued at over $100,000.

Since its inception, BMBs’s sales transactions have been steadily increasing, reporting sales transaction figures of up to $40,000 in September which equates to over 2,300 tickets sold in the month.

In June this year, BMB launched a pitch to the Mekong Angel Investors Network (MAIN) in an attempt to secure further investment in the company. MAIN is a group that have taken interest in startups in the lower Mekong region.

At the pitch, BMB was able to spark the interest of many local and international organisations. These include David Beatty and Jo Ann Corkran from Godlen Seeds USA, Adrian Stone from the Investors’ Organisation in Australia and Petra Kolesarova, an associate at Credo Ventures in the Czech Republic.

One major reason that investors decided to invest in BMB lay in their belief in the potential of the company. They believed that by attaching the Cambodian brand to a bus ticketing platform, BMB could compete in foreign markets in the region.

Through the support of the investors from MAIN, the company has managed to obtain $15,000 of investment, which is a significant milestone for the startup. Even though this amount is not large to the angel investors, it is nonetheless a testament to the belief that the investors have in BMB.

With the help of this investment, BMB hopes to develop a more accessible service, help bus companies sell more tickets and to leverage on the power of the internet to supply the huge demand of bus tickets.

Moving forward, BMB is not only on the lookout for more strategic investors who believe in in the project to invest their money. They are also actively searching for those who are willing to help startups like themselves break into the market.

If you are an investor and are interested in BookMeBus, you can contact them at But if you simply want to hitch a ride on a bus, check them out at

Happy riding!