Bongloy: Online Payment Gateway

Remember Dave Wilkie? Maybe you need a refresher. We recently featured his startup Chibi in an article about mobile dating in S.E.A. Well, it seems that Dave never stops! Together with his wife, they have been working on another startup named Bongloy.

wifeDave and his wife Mara.

Bongloy is an online payment gateway, similar to PayPal. It allows companies in Cambodia to accept payments through Wing and credit cards. They are partnering with Wing and several microfinance organisations (such as AMK Cambodia) to provide this direct money transfer service. Right now, they are in the testing phase, and hope to launch with one of them soon in the next few months.

Their target audience will potentially be merchants in Cambodia. From hotels to travel agencies to bus ticketing, as long as it is online, they want to be there.

How does it work? If you want to have Bongloy on your site to ease transactions, simply sign up with them and you can start accepting payments. You will not have to set everything up manually and go through tedious procedures to provide credit cards payment methods. Bongloy is the middleman that bridges many forms of payment for you.

Dave hopes to see a shift where more people in Cambodia will start paying for stuff online, and discard any reservations they have.

We tested Bongloy out and found it to be extremely user-friendly and convenient. Here is what happened:

1. Log onto and connect with Facebook / sign in


2. Click “Pay with Bongloy Checkout”. Note: You can generate the blue button on your site using the HTML script on your right. Additionally, you can create a custom form using bongloy.js (scroll down and you will see it).


3. Input your email address and use the test numbers visible on the left! (You can input your mobile number if you want so that the system will remember your information for future use.)


4. Sign in at the site using the credentials provided to view your charges.


5. See a whole list of payments!


Want to give it a test run like we did? Simply go onto and have a hand at it!