Blackbox Connects Global Startups To The Valley

One of the defining traits for startups to possess is the ability to become scalable in the eye of globalisation, and this objective is often synonymous with their connection of thriving network of entrepreneur communities worldwide — and even all the way back to Silicon Valley. (Just in case you haven’t heard about the Valley, it’s the San Jose home to a number of high tech and software companies like Apple, Intel, Yahoo and Google.)

Presenting global startups with an opportunity to connect with the Valley, Blackbox is a startup accelerator running a two-week immersion program, Blackbox Connect, in the heart of tech passion. Founders from top accelerators around the world are brought together to live and work at the Blackbox Mansion right in the Valley, and all the roomies would consist of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, experts and executives from the Valley community. The founders then return back to their native countries to scale their big ideas, now enriched with the Valley’s resources.

Photo Credits: Blackbox

Photo Credits: Blackbox

Over the course of the next two weeks, the selected startups will receive pitch coaching, hear from over a dozen founders and investors, pitch their companies to the community, and even have meals together. It is almost like an injection of the Valley’s own energy. The agenda confirms that it is far from a startup holiday, with an intense setup of meetings and workshops with entrepreneurs, investors, experts and executives dealing with various program curriculum highlights.

The requirements for startups to qualify for Blackbox’s next round of program in 2015 includes the experience to include a technology launch based MVP with early feedback from adopter/customers. Startups should have already raised some investment capital, have a team between 3 to 20 people and have a product or service that can be launched globally. Going forward, the 2014 edition saw 16 startups further powered Google for Entrepreneurs’ partner program with Blackbox Connect; so keep a lookout for 2015’s program by checking their Facebook page for updates!