B2B Conference 2015: Bringing Together Like-Minded Individuals

If you are an entrepreneur, part of a startup, an investor or even someone who aspires to be one, this is the one conference you should definitely mark down in your calendars. Focused exclusively on B2B and enterprise, the B2B Asia Conference 2015 brings together successful startups and gives you the chance to mingle with the very people who drive B2B innovation in and around Asia. Held on the 16th of December at Hong Kong’s prestigious Hysan Place, it is the conference that everyone has been waiting for!

With a line up of over 15+ experienced speakers, including the likes of Jeffery Paine, the founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, Eric Meyer, the CEO of Apvera and Allen Qu, the founder and CEO of Netconcepts China, you can expect a day filled with innovative discussions and in-depth sharings. The conference will include short presentations, panels and Q&A sessions on scalable B2B business models, marketing, social media, mobile, attracting funds, and much more. There will also be a wide variety of relevant topics that will be touched on, ensuring that there will be something for everybody. Starting to contemplate if this event is worth going?

Well, here are 5 reasons why you should look forward to the B2B Asia Conference 2015:

  1. Keynotes and case studies packed with insights and exclusive demos
    With Senior leaders, CEOs, Vice Presidents and top executives from fortune 500 companies talking about what’s next in B2B and enterprise SaaS, you will be able to get the full experience all in a single day. This gives you the chance to learn from these successful entrepreneurs and also discover the insider secrets on how to create a profitable business and develop an exit strategy.
  2. Learn what your competitors and collaborators are doing
    More than just learning from the speaker’s experience, you will also be able to have better understanding on the marketplace and increasing your competitiveness in Asia by discovering where the B2B ecosystem currently place their resources. As all entrepreneurs would know, developing a successful business strategy is crucial to long-term growth, hence we will provide you with the tools and knowledge to aid you in doing just that.
  3. Your next partnership could start here
    Although sometimes opportunities are hard to come by, with more than 150 attendees expected for this year’s conference, it is certain that there will be one for you. Not only can you get the chance to strengthen current partnerships and refresh old ones, you could even start collaborating with future partners.
  4. First to know, first to market
    Venture capitalists, angel investors and strategic investors will be all be present at the conference to hear pitches in several different formats, many eager to invest in the enterprise space. Thus, with some of the most qualified investors in a single room, if you’ve got the next big thing, this will be your chance to lead your industry.
  5. Have fun while networking over delicious food and drinks
    Lastly, its not just about the work, it is also about having a good time. Network while indulging in the delicious food and drinks at the several off site networking mixers, parties and programs. Through that, you can be sure to establish genuine personal relationships, enjoy conversations and simply unwind.

With so much to take away, the B2B Conference gives you just the right mix of mix of insight, information and opportunities all in a single day. Whether you are a functional head curious about the latest HR tools, a tech entrepreneur hoping to get a jump on the current trends or an investor seeking the best startup for possible investment, the B2B conference is the platform to help you find what you are looking for.

To attend this conference, sign up and book your ticket here. Be sure to take advantage of GIC’s special promo-code by using this promotional code “GiC”. To find out more information, feel free to head to the B2BCON’s official website here.