Award-Winning Application Development Platform Ideamart Arrives In Cambodia!

Ever wanted to create API-based services for your community? Whether you are an app developer, an enterprise or even a non-developer, Ideamart has plenty to offer! ‘Ideamart powered by Smart’ enables developers and content providers to use shared APIs, posing multiple entrepreneurship opportunities and bringing your ideas to life!

The platform was first developed by Dialog Axiata, and has seen plenty of success in Sri Lanka, connecting developers with potential clients through the Ideamart community forum. Cambodian Ideamart users can expect similar functions in due time, as Ideamart will continue to expose a host of new Mobile Network APIs, on top of the current available APIs.

“As an industry leader in promoting tech entrepreneurship, this API platform reflects our efforts to develop the local ecosystem in tandem with our vision to become Cambodia’s Digital Champion. Newly launched Ideamart powered by Smart will lead to faster API engagement and partnerships for the smallest start-ups to the largest organisations, helping them grasp budding opportunities in the digital space,” expressed Mr Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata.

“While there is immense potential and talent in Cambodia, the availability for a platform to reach end users and showcase local innovation remains scarce. To change this, we decided to launch Ideamart in Cambodia. Similar to last year’s API Hackathons, subsequent outreach programs will be held in the coming months, presenting more individuals and organisations with the chance to create mobile apps for commercial use via shared APIs with Smart,” Mr Hundt added.

For more information, visit the Ideamart website or their Facebook page.