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Tweet, post, double tap to like, point is - Germaine adores social media. Most of the time she’s seen furiously scrolling through all sorts of social media platforms to keep up with the latest trends. Other times she’s fun-loving and outgoing. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite!

Posts by Germaine Tan:


Lessons For Success: Tech Startups (Infographic)

In this infographic, we solve the burning question of where to begin and what to focus on when you want to embark on your startup journey. However, it is not just any startup journey, but a tech one.


Khmer Smart Keyboard: The Easier Way Of Typing

Have you ever experienced any difficulty when typing Khmer characters on your smartphone? Try out the free new iPhone app – Khmer Smart Keyboard. In our exclusive interview with the team behind it all, find out how exactly does it work and more!

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