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Ricocheting between the keyboard and the pen as her sword, Cally loves to write and read in all forms. She comes armed with the oldest Literature collection in her bookshelf and hottest social content on her iPad.

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Getting Connected: A Gadget A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

Join us as we kickstart the our “Getting Connected” series with introductions towards the health sector, with smart gadgets like Lumo Back, Fitbit’s Flex, Scanadu Scout and Kosmo showing us how the smart path can be the right path towards healthcare!


Join The Conference Party At Startup Asia Tokyo 2014

Like the popular Billboard song asked, where do we have to go to find all the hot… startups? Tokyo, the megacity of Japan, will be hosting the latest round of the Startup Asia conferences in September, and we have a special treat for our readers interested in joining us at Startup Asia Tokyo 2014!


Introducing Vietnam Young Spikes 2014: Up Your Game

For the general millennials: when the group plays, they play hard. The Vietnam Young Spikes Competition is here to capture that game spirit by providing a playground to introduce unprecedented exposures for Vietnamese young creative talents to thrive on. The big prize? The chance to compete at a regional level at Spikes Asia 2014.


The Gift of Cardboard from Google I/O 2014

In case you missed out, Google gave out $2 billion worth of virtual reality experience at their recent I/O developers’ conference last week. Google Cardboard, dubbed as such because the visor component which houses the phone is as simple as pizza boxes, is a DIY headset in which smartphones can be mounted upon to give the user a virtual reality experience.


DI: Exploring Mobile Data Collection And Analysis

With tons of mobile events popping up, such as today’s round of Mobile Monday, it is time to go back to exploring basic mobile data collection and analysis. Armed with tools and refreshments, Development Innovations will be hosting a session on this rapidly growing genre of data this Thursday at their office.

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